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Find out about your Physician

Posted by John H on 9/07/04 at 10:45 (159488)

Following is a site that will produce a report on your Physician. There is a sample which will give you the type of information the report will produce. $7.95. I think some information is better than a shot in the dark.


Sidebar: The hospital where President Clinton had his heart surgery had the worst success rate for open heart surgery of any hospital in the state of New York. Reported by the major networks. As I remember the mortality rate at this hospital was just over 4%.

Re: John - Thank You...

Darlene on 9/07/04 at 11:48 (159494)


Thank you for sharing this information. Have you bought any of the reports? I'm wondering how much information there is in the patient survey category.

I appreciate you taking the time to post this information as well as other research you have done.

Take care,


Re: John - Thank You...

john h on 9/07/04 at 12:11 (159496)

Darlene: Looking at the example it is certainly a report I would buy prior to any surgery including the hospital report. $8.00 is not a bad price when selecting a Doctor. Forbes listed this site as one of the 50 most useful sites on the internet. It is no mickey mouse site. All most of us have to go on is word of mouth.

Re: John - Thank You...

Kathy G on 9/09/04 at 08:56 (159587)


Did you read where a major cardiologist, whose name I don't recall but from a different hospital, was asked if he would be available to do surgery on an important person. He wanted to know who the person was and when they wouldn't reveal it, he went golfing instead!

It seems that the hospital Clinton went to has been working very hard on their cardio care unit and has just brought in some prominent surgeons so this is a real coup for them.

Bet that other guy wishes he hadn't opted for golf!

Oh, and I was looking for a site to check on a surgeon my daughter is seeing for some hip problems and I found the same one you posted. I wondered if their reports were comprehensive enough or not. She's having an MRI and if surgery is needed, I'd insist, as much as the mother of a twenty-three-year-old can insist, that she come home and go to the surgeon with whom we're familiar and know is good. Her insurance will probably insist on a second opinion, anyway.

Re: John - Thank You...

john h on 9/09/04 at 09:36 (159592)

Kathy: I think the hopital is almost as important as the surgeon. Mortality rates vary radially from hospital to hospital for the same procedure. I think over 100,000 people die annuually from infections such as staph which is somewhat controlable by hospitals. You know of course there is published the top 100 hospitals for various procedures each year. One of my best friends is going to Boston next month for knee surgery.Long way from Little Rock. I think it is something like Brigham Womens's Hospital? They are affiliated with Harvard. Anyway the Doctor there is famous for knee surgery and in particular growing cartlidge. My buddy has had 6 surgeries on his knee (former football player).

Re: John - Thank You...

Kathy G on 9/11/04 at 08:06 (159727)

Yes, Brigham and Women's Hospital is considered one of the best facilities in the US for many specialties. We are very fortunate to have so many good facilities so close by in Boston: Lahey Clinic, Mass General, Tuft's, Childrens...the list goes on and on. Many people in my area go to Boston for surgery or second opinions.

Wow - so this is his seventh surgery? Hope he gets some relief this time. It's incredible what these football players do to their bodies. It often makes me wonder if I have a sick mind to enjoy such a basically stupid, physical game.:)

You're right about the risk of infections. I don't know whether I'm hoping they find out there's nothing wrong with her hip so she won't need surgery or I'm hoping they find out there is and she can lose the pain. It's not constant, only when she works out and wears a particular height of heel. My answer? Lift free weights and walk for fitness and don't wear those particular shoes! Of course, if it's a tear in her labrum, the lining of the heel socket, I guess it could get worse. That's a simple explanation of what they're looking for.

Anyhow, unlike her mother, she's not clautrophobic and she had no problem with the MRI, thank goodness!

Good luck to your buddy with his surgery!