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Comfrey salve ??

Posted by BrianG on 9/07/04 at 19:50 (159523)

Hi Everyone,

I've been taking a break, but I ran into something I could use your opinions on. On one of the Chronic Pain message boards that I visit, I've run into a person selling Comfrey salve. It's used externally, for all types of burns, dings, etc. She also told me that comfrey was used to help set broken bones in the old days.

I know a lttle bit about it, as I've used it before, both in the processed form, and right off the plant itself, but that was years ago. Now I'm wondering how deep this salve will go? Will it get to fascia inflamation, if used topically? I've already tried a bunch of topicals without help, but I figure one more can't hurt me, right John!!! hahahaaa I'm even thinkingh of using it with DMSO, if I buy it, to help it in it's journey though the skin (weird, eh!)

This is cut and pasted from her home page:

My Homegrown Healing
Comfrey Salve
Now Available in Trial Size Too!!
Made from my own homegrown Comfrey plants, Calendula flowers, Peppermint, and other healing herbs, in a beeswax base. Comfrey contains high levels of allantoin, which promotes rapid cell division and in turn rapid healing. Excellent for burns, scrapes, dry skin, irritations, cuts, etc. I put it on my dogs' paw pads to moisturize them! Since comfrey is a potent herb, only a small amount is needed. A little bit goes a long way!!!
A small 2 oz. jar will last the average person a year or more. The salve takes 12 hours to make and is preservedmals.


PS: She's not getting rich off this, it's only about $10 for the 2 ounce size. All her profits go to an abandoned Schnauzer relief fund that she's involved with. She's dog people, she has to be honest !!!! :*)

Re: Comfrey salve ??

john h on 9/07/04 at 20:51 (159528)

Brian a guy I know who owns horses has used DMSO on his back for years. Let me know if the new product works as I a am like Mikee I try anything. I just ordered one the new styles of Birks called the Tamanti that is supposed to be especially helpful for PF. Softer more cushioned sole,deeper heel cup, and higher arch. I will report on that after I try them. They look just like the Airizona. I thought maybe you were out of it on drugs Brian and was comming to look for you. My understanding of rub on type stuff is that it can get into the blood but not very good at deep penetration.

Re: Comfrey salve ??

BrianG on 9/07/04 at 21:01 (159529)

I've used the DMSO in the past, for months, on my heels. I always used it with something else, like Jade balm, Lidocaine ointment (Prescription strength), MSM cream, etc. Unfortunatly I still have to take the pain meds, as I am no better :*(


Re: Comfrey salve ??

Suzanne D. on 9/07/04 at 21:05 (159531)

Hi, Brian! Nice to see you back here. I haven't heard of comfrey salve, but since it isn't too expensive, it seems like it would be worth a try. It couldn't hurt, I wouldn't think, and maybe it might help. We'll be interested to find out from you how it works.

Good luck!
Suzanne :)

Re: Comfrey salve ??

Julie on 9/08/04 at 02:47 (159542)

Brian, this is extraordinary. I've just posted a message to Paul Davis, who walks an 800,000 square foot factory and can't get rid of his pain, describing your history to him. Could you have a look at the thread and see if you can give him any help? It's called What to, do next (run out of options) please help.

Comfrey is wonderful. It has been a healing herb forever, and you're right, it was used to help with bonesetting (and surely still is, in places where herbal medicine is all there is). I don't know if the salve will penetrate to the fascia, but it's certainly worth trying, and it can't hurt.

The important thing is the strength of the mixture - how much comfrey has actually been used. There are different comfrey ointments on the market, so it might be worth some research to find the most potent.

A google search turns up lots of sites. Here's a link to the first one that comes up: http://botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/c/comfre92.html . It contains a great deal of information. Here is a paragraph from it:

'Comfrey leaves are of much value as an external remedy, both in the form of fomentations, for sprains, swellings and bruises, and as a poultice, to severe cuts, to promote suppuration of boils and abscesses, and gangrenous and ill-conditioned ulcers . The whole plant, beaten to a cataplasm and applied hot as a poultice, has always been deemed excellent for soothing pain in any tender, inflamed or suppurating part. It was formerly applied to raw, indolent ulcers as a glutinous astringent. It is useful in any kind of inflammatory swelling.'

At the side of the google page are numerous advertisements for different comfrey products. Here is a passage from the one at the top:

'Our comfrey ointment is infused under heat with sweet almond oil to provide a natural remedy for bone fractures which is soothing, healing, lubricating, softening, revitalizing and nourishing. Our recipe has been specially cultivated to assist bone and skin healing and we believe that you will experience unrivalled natural healing for a wide variety of injuries.

Key benefits

This product may:
Provide a wonderful bonesetter;
Create a protective casing around joints, potentially assisting healing;
Encourage new skin growth; and
Rapidly improve fractures (e.g. fingers, toes, hands, ribs).'

Hope this helps. Be sure to let us know how you feel about it once you've tried it.

And don't be such a stranger.

Re: Brian: re Paul's thread

Julie on 9/08/04 at 03:14 (159544)

I should have told you that it's on the Ask the Foot Doctors board.

Re: Comfrey salve ??

BrianG on 9/08/04 at 11:29 (159558)

Thanks Julie, and Suzanne,

I will probably end up trying it (comfrey salve), but first I should look into the different strengths. Thanks for the pointer. I'll try to keep everyone updated, once I start using it.


PS: I did post to the other 'concrete guy' :*)

Re: Comfrey salve ??

Julie on 9/08/04 at 11:41 (159560)

Thanks, Brian. Yes, I saw your post to Paul. I hope he'll contact you.

Back to comfrey. It's most effective as a poultice, as described on the website I gave you the link to. I don't even know whether it grows in the States - it's common in England - but if it does, perhaps you could get hold of some and grow it! In a window box, maybe?

But if that sounds too ambitious, try the salve. it sounds like a good idea to me.

Re: Comfrey salve ??

john h on 9/08/04 at 11:53 (159561)

Brian when I was 10 years old I sold Cloverine Salve in a little round tin door to door. It was supposed to cure most anything. You also received a picture of Jesus (8' x 10'). I think it was around $.25 or $.50 per tin. Maybe that stuff is still around.

Re: Comfrey salve ??

Kathy G on 9/09/04 at 08:28 (159584)

It's good to see you back, Brian. I was just thinking about you last night! You'll see, in a few minutes, my post on MSM. I was trying to remember if you take it or not. Do you?

I'm sorry to hear that you haven't made much more progress. I don't know a thing about Comfrey salve but, as you said, it might help! I found that arnica helped my tendonitis but it was only short term. After a while, it was no longer effective. I don't know if Comfey would work the same way or not.

Good luck and do post on occasion. We missed you!

Re: Comfrey salve ??

john h on 9/09/04 at 09:39 (159593)

I ordered a jar of Comfey salve. I really do not expect it to cure PF but like Wheat Grass cream or Jade I found ohter good uses for them. The Wheat Grass cream help clear up a scar that had been on my shin for 2 years. That scar was caused by my wife leaving the dishwasher door down and as I breezed around the corner from the laundry room my shin and the dishwaher door had a sudden impact. Wives!!!!!!!

Re: Comfrey salve ??

BrianG on 9/09/04 at 11:12 (159598)

Hey John, does the advertisement tell anything about the type of comfry used,or how much is in the salve? From what I read, there are different types of comfrey plants, some better than others.


Re: Comfrey salve ??

john h on 9/09/04 at 11:53 (159602)

Brian this is all I could get off the web site:

Ingredients: Fresh comfrey root, fresh marshmallow root, fresh mullein, fresh skullcap,fresh black walnut leaf, white oak bark, fresh gravel root, fresh lobelia herb and seed, fresh St. John's Wort flower bud oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax.