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9/11. Controversial, I know......

Posted by Pete on 9/08/04 at 04:09 (159546)

Living in the UK, I was astounded to view a recent TV programme which suggested the Bush administration knew about 9/11 in advance and did nothing. The programme was a typical 'lots of claims, little proof' but it did make me think. Searching the net I see there is a host of sites claiming not only that Bush knew, and failed to act, but that certain senior government parties may have been behind the attacks, which precipitated attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. I have never see such claims in the british press or tv, other than the US intelligence were at fault for not having prior knowledge.

So what's the consensus of the american people ? I'm very curious.Are the claims just internet mumbo-jumbo or has there been a cover up??

Re: Pete

Julie on 9/08/04 at 06:51 (159547)

Pete, if you go to the website of the Project for the New American Century, you will be able to download the mission statement behind the the Bush administration's global activities.

http://www.newamericancentury.org/ is the address. A map will come up. Click on 'Defense and National Security' and download the document entitled 'Rebuilding America's Defenses'. It is very long, but it will give you the background you need to answer the question you've asked in your own mind. In it the neoconservative's intentions were made clear.

I won't discuss this here: it caused a great deal of grief when it came up in the run-up to the attack on Iraq, after which political discussion was banned by Scott. I may be out of order even posting this link, but if you really want to go into the topic, go to the horse's mouth and judge for yourself.

I missed the programme you mentioned. When and on which channel was it?

Re: Pete

Pete on 9/08/04 at 07:40 (159550)

Don't wish to offend anyone and if Scott deems that the thread should be closed now, then fine. I respect all opinions.

Thanks for the link anyway

Re: Pete

BLT on 9/12/04 at 19:17 (159793)

Another view is this. America is great because people can make money or political hay by printing things that can be a lie. It crosses all areas from medical to political advice. That is the beauty that in our country somebody can say they have video of the president talking to Satan on a nextel and some people will believe them. The person that said it doesnt get jailed or killed is what makes America great.