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to Christyw

Posted by Kristie on 9/08/04 at 08:21 (159552)


Good luck tomorrow with your surgery. We'll be thiking of you. Hope everyting goes well. How is your foot that you had surgery already on doing?

Re: surgery

christyw on 9/08/04 at 21:07 (159576)

My surgery went fine. The doctor said that my right foot was worse than my left. My other foot is doing fine. I hardly have any pain at all in it. I am still in the walking boot but I should get it off saturday as well as the stiches out. The doctor said that everything looked good with it as far as the stiches and I don't have any swelling. How are you doing? Thanks for all your concern. Keep me posted and I will keep you posted with my recovery.


Re: surgery

Kristie on 9/09/04 at 10:57 (159596)


I'm so glad to read that everything went so well for you. I too have PF in both feet with it worst off in my right.I guess because we drive with our right foot and it never gets to rest.

Anyhow, I'm so glad to hear that your in that much pain and that evrything went well.

I had my surgery in my May on my right foot. I had a little set back two weeks ago. I guess I was having too much fun with my new foot. Anyhow right now I'm taking it easy. Being a lady on leasure (Ha, Ha). Hopfuly next week I can start goin back to PT. I already feel better by just being off of it. Maybe next year I'll have my other foot done.

I'm so glad we both have family and boyfriends to look after us.I would be lost with out my family.

Hope your up and around soon,