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PT after ESWT?

Posted by Tina H. on 9/08/04 at 08:47 (159555)

First of all let me thank all who regularly post at this site. I've learned a lot about pf!!! I wish I had found this site before I had ESWT, because I would have requested PT prior to trying shots, shock wave etc. I'm about 7 weeks post ESWT. I was not really showing much improvement, so after reading about others being helped with PT, I asked for a refferal. After 2 sessions there is noticable improvement. The physical therapist is using agressive stretching (more than I was doing on my own), ultrasound and some painful(only while he is doing it) deep tissue massage of the calf. My question, is there any info about the effects of ultrasound post EWST? I would think it would be benefical, but just wondering if there were any studies done. Thank you, Tina

Re: PT after ESWT?

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/11/04 at 15:43 (159747)

Most improvement after ESWT occurs from about week 7 to week 12 so it may be a bit difficult to say where the releif is coming from. Nevertheless, ESWT is not a stand alone treatment and should be used in conjunction with PT, orthotics, stretching, better shoegear, etc. so keep up the PT.

Re: PT after ESWT

Debra on 9/15/04 at 06:59 (159924)

What is PT?

Re: PT after ESWT

Tina H on 9/15/04 at 07:03 (159925)

Physical Therapy, I was mostly wondering not about the stretching, but the use of ultrasound post ESWT as part of the physical therapy regimine.