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Does anyone take MSM and does it help them?

Posted by Kathy G on 9/09/04 at 08:40 (159585)

I've been taking MSM, 1000 mg. twice a day for a while now. I will finish my second bottle of 300 tablets in a few days but I think I was only taking one a day for a while. So I've been taking it for either 150 days or a little longer! MSM is Methylsulfonylmethane, a form of sulfur, and it's supposed to 'help nourish the production of collagen and other connective tissues for healthy joints.' The recommended dosage is one or two tablets a day.

My feet improved dramatically and were the best they've been in years from around April through the end of July. Unfortunately, even though I'm always telling people not to overdo it, I think I did and they're not very good right now. In fact, some days, I feel like I'm as bad as I was in the very beginning. I'm trying to be good and rest more.

I thought the MSM was helping but now I'm not sure. I know some people take it for OA and since I have that, I think I should keep taking it. If, on the other hand, there are no longterm, controlled studies on it, why bother? I am always wary of taking anything that is not FDA approved.

Any opinions out there?

Re: Does anyone take MSM and does it help them?

LARA on 9/09/04 at 09:03 (159589)

I've not noticedf a difference for me - but I have friends who swear by it.

Re: Does anyone take MSM and does it help them?

BrianG on 9/09/04 at 11:08 (159597)

I've been taking MSM with Glucosamine for a couple years now. I take two caps a day, which equalls 1,000mg of each. Since I haven't noticed an improvement, I've actually been thinking of stopping it. I have a couple months worth on hand, so I'll probably finish what I have.

If my pain in the heels, knees, or lower back gets any worse, then I'll just start it up again. If I could do more exercise, I'm sure the knee and lower back pain would be reduced. I think the last two hurts are due to weight gain, since my PF started, probably 30-40 pounds over the last 10 years


Re: Does anyone take MSM and does it help them?

Pauline on 9/09/04 at 11:47 (159599)

Do you know if Glucosamine will mix with most other Rx medications? I've heard its good for joints and have been thinking of taking it for my thumb joint. It seems to catch sometimes. Probably from mouse usage.

Re: Does anyone take MSM and does it help them?

Cyndi on 9/09/04 at 11:52 (159600)

I have been taking it also. I do not notice any difference but my
hair and nails are sure growing. I had my Spine MRI today and am wiating for results probably early next week. Boy, that second nerve conduction test that included my back has sure stirred up the nerves back there. I am even more miserable now. I figure it may be helping and I just don;t see it, I feel so bad. Maybe I am not taking enough. I am going to start taking 4 tabs a day instead of two 1000 mg.
My Nerve test did show damaged nerves in my back that may be causing feet pain., But, what have I got to loose as long as I still have this, I will take it. I cannot even wear socks on my feet now, it hurts so bad.
Back to the sofa on my side.

Re: Does anyone take MSM and does it help them?

Kathy G on 9/10/04 at 13:23 (159647)

Thanks for your input, everyone. I'm not going to continue to take it when these few tablets are gone. If they were helping me, I'll notice a difference after I stop taking them.

I also stopped taking Lecithin, based on a pretty comprehensive study that showed that it doesn't do a thing for cholesterol. Again, why add something to my body that doesn't do anything?

Pauline, for what it's worth, I take a lot of prescription drugs and my pharmacist said it was fine to take Glucosamine along with them. He said he's seen no reports of it interfering with any medication. I would think that if it did, there would be reports since so many rheumatologists recommend it for their patients. I think it definitely helps my arthritis.

Oh, and I just realized, the three doctors I go to: Rheumy, PCP and Gyno all know I take it and they have no problem with it.

Re: Does anyone take MSM and does it help them?

Cyndi on 9/11/04 at 10:30 (159736)


I found this site yesterday while looking for information on tendoinitis as my daughter has been diagosed. It has alot of information on these two

The back exercises sure look good to me also as I have gained weight since off my feet for so long. I will get the ok from my Dr before doing them, but, with some nerve damage to my back, it will have to help.

Later all, Happy Saturday
I have to get off this computer and go enjoy outside.