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What is Heel Pain?

Posted by Cyndi on 9/09/04 at 11:56 (159603)

I am feeling like my heel does not have enough cushion in my shoe. I have been wearing sandels at home since socks hurt.

Does anyone else have this or could the shots have caused this?
No where I push on foor bottom has pain, it is just the not soft feeling like the fat pad is not enough anymore.

Re: What is Heel Pain?

Kathy G on 9/14/04 at 16:03 (159878)


They say that we wear out the fat on the bottoms of our feet as we age. In my case, it was my chiropractor who mentioned that I had very little padding on the bottom of my feet. When I mentioned it to my Pod, he said that was true and what little I had was disappearing because of daily use. I was only forty-five at the time (ten long years ago) and didn't consider myself old (still don't!) but he said that was about the time it happens. I also had never been overweight.

My son, who got PF at twenty-eight, said his Pod mentioned it to him so age wasn't a factor for him, just heredity, I guess.

I have this theory that if they could take some of the fat from my stomach, which has appeared since I've had to give up exercise, and inject it into my heels, I'd be in great shape! I just need to find someone to do it:)

Re: What is Heel Pain?

Cyndi on 9/15/04 at 05:03 (159918)

Thanks Kathy,
I agree 100% with you as for the transfer. I have gained 15 lbs since this started with me in February. I do have that too thin feeling on bottom of heel, which is what I was wondering about, and I thought it might be the cortizone injections that caused it. I did not have it at first, more arch pain and no BAD Hurt Pain with pushing in that sore spot all talk about. Also no morninng pain, just worse as time standing or walking.My New Dr also took Blood tests and ask for more yesterday for a sub-test! I am still not working, walking, or getting better.
I am in the path of Ivan in Alabama so I may be off a few days, just a few days, god willing.
Birmingham, Al

Re: What is Heel Pain?

Linda V. on 9/15/04 at 06:51 (159923)

Do you find your heel pads are thinner and flatter first thing in the morning? i do. in fact, bottom of my whole foot feels like an old shingle.
it has been mentioned that cortisone shots have a possible side effect of causing fat pad atrophy. others say its like tread on a tire just wearing out. I'm still unable to work and have gained about 12 lbs since this started. been feeling sorry for myself lately..but last nite i said ENOUGH..
so the food intake stops today. no more chips, ice cream, or grazing.

Re: What is Heel Pain?

john h on 9/15/04 at 10:48 (159939)

Kathy since the vast majority of old people do not have PF I have never really thought that a lack of fat pad to be a prime mover in PF. In reading many studies where they were doing studies on the feets of cadevars I do not think I ever once read that a lack of fat pad in the foot to be of significance. There are probably some such studies I have just not read them. Clearly people who are on there feet a lot and who are in to athletics get PF more than people who are less active. It would seem that PF comes more from trauma than aging and loss of fat pad. I seemed to have stabalized for the past year with a pain level of 1-3. I have been walking over an hour several times a week along with my weights and body stretching. My feet are no worse and perhaps are even better than when I go in to a mode where I do not do much walking. After all these years PF remains very much a mystery to me. My 10 visits to a Physical Thearapist was of no value. I was scheduled for 20 but it became apparent that it was not working so I stopped. The therapist did some TFM but not to the extent that Dr. Sandall reports

Re: What is Heel Pain?

Cyndi on 9/18/04 at 17:52 (160130)

NO, the thin feeling is not just in the morning. I am still waiting to see my DR while he is running blood tests. I gave 5 viles and I got the info from Insurance they billed $3500.00 for it. The insurance paid $400.00 and they accepted it. Wow, what kind of blood test are they doing I wonder? I even had to go back and they took two more viles for a
I am still waiting to see him to find out why. My feet also still tingle
like lightning. The nerve test did show damage to my back and I wonder how much this is connected. Just playing the waiting game still......

Re: What is Heel Pain?

Julie on 9/19/04 at 02:05 (160154)

Sounds like the hospital was trying it on with the insurance company. The procedure was probably worth no more than $400 to them. But it would have been nice to get ?3,500.

What a story! Remember that patients are paying for this kind of thing. Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

Sorry, Cyndi, this has nothing to do with your pain, for which I wish you complete healing, and soon.