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shooting pain

Posted by AnnG on 9/09/04 at 14:39 (159611)

I have had pain in my heel for a least a year. The pain was only in one spot and after I was up and around it felt ok. This spring I decided to get some help so I could begin a walking exercise program. My first stop was a orthapedic surgen I was fitted with a Cam walker for one month then into a orthodic that only made my pain worse. I now have new orthodics in both shoes and are much more comfortable but my heel pain is much worse than before I started trying in fix it. Also the pain area is enlarged to the outside heel and ankle area. Now for my question. I have stabbing pain shoot through the bottom of my heel while I'm sitting, driving a car or just a relaxed pose. Thank God the pain only last 5 to 10 seconds. It's horrible. Has anyone else had this experience? What could be happening?

I had read most of Scott's information on heel spurs and I'm doing the iceing, stretching and support in good shoes (Drew) with my orthodics. I haven't had shots in my heel but if this continues for much longer I may consider it. Five months since my first visit to the doctor.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.