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Rocking boot.

Posted by Janice N on 9/09/04 at 22:23 (159622)

I went to the podiatrist to get the boot for my foot.
The one to take the weight off my heel. Well I stood up in it and thought I will break my neck in this.
Well it got put to the test. Metrolift didn't show up to pick me up. So I was walking back and forth looking to see if they were coming etc. Went back in to call them and got put on hold for 15 minutes. My point being I had to walk and stand for over an hour or more. I did trip once. I finally took it off as I thought if they send a cab van I will never be able to get up that high in this boot. So I finally get home and think I will be just dying in pain. SHOCK!
I had very little pain. I am talking a level 10 down to a 1. And it has been a very long 2 yrs.next month that the pain is so bad. I went to bed and slept for the first time in I don't remember when. I got up every two hrs to go to the bathroom then right back to sleep. I was a new person today. Just as happy as can be. Went to help a neighbor who fell and broke her shoulder over the weekend. I was too happy to put that contraption on my foot today. And it didn't take me long to learn how to walk in it. If I have to walk out anywhere in it I will take a cane. Wouldn't take much to loose your footing. I only wish I had this a very long time ago. He told me to wear it for six wks.I had one more thing to mention. I got on Metrolift after being upset I was so tired and thinking how will I get home. I looked up and there was a lady around my age. She was in a wheelchair and had a severe case of Lymph Edema. Her feet and legs were so huge and mishapen. And we dropped her off at the Star of Hope Mission. Now if this wasn't a wake up call for me. In an hour I was back home on my bed with clean sheets and able to lock my door and turn on the tv and enjoy the cool AC. This lady just wanted to get back to the sheltor and find her a place to eat her chicken. She had suffered with her problem for over 20 yrs. We talked and I gave her the names and numbers of a few places to call to live. She said she had lived in a Patient Care Home. It looked like she might be homeless. Next time I think how bad my feet hurt or how long I stood waiting to get home that at least I can stand and far worse off persons than I. Not to make light of what we go through with PF. I sure know what it feels like to want to have your feet taken off to get relief.
Anyway I am one thankful person tonight. The Achillies Tendon doesn't feel so tight or painful and neither is there screaming pain in my heel. I am going for the gold and try to sleep two nights in a row. Thank you God.

Re: Rocking boot.

chrisb on 9/11/04 at 09:23 (159732)

Janice -
What is a rocking boot? How does it take the weight off your heel?

2 years ago I tried a strap-on boot that kept the foot from flexing but it didn't take the weight off my heel, and didn't help. Sounds like your boot is different.

Re: Rocking boot.

Janice N on 9/11/04 at 18:21 (159751)

Its the same kind mentioned here. It is one you can walk in. Takes the weight off the heel. Like an orthopedic boot for after surgery except it is built up in the heel area. It has made all the difference. The first day it made my knee kind of sore and my leg tired. But I am more used to it and able to walk in it in Michaels craft store today. And I am back to getting some much need sleep.

Re: Rocking boot.

MBRAVE on 9/12/04 at 08:49 (159777)

i, too, have been in a 'walking cast' for about 2 weeks now. the cast is made by darco it is called 'body armor walker'. it is doing wonders. the heel pain is subsiding. It is like a ski boot with the same type of straps. my pod said i will be in it for 2-6 weeks. it seems to really be helping. i wear it all the time and take it off when im sitting down. do a search on line for the boot, give it a try it is really helping.

Re: Rocking boot.

chrisb on 9/13/04 at 09:54 (159813)

I tried a walking cast boot, sounds like yours, like a ski boot with straps etc. From what i can see on the Darco website, the Body Armor boot looks similar to the boot I tried. It held my foot more-or-less rigid so it didn't dorsiflex and rock forward when i walked. But it did not keep the weight off my heel. My weight was still on the heel, and I think this is why it didn't help me.
I'm looking for some kind of contraption that will take the weight off my heel, which is why I'm interested in what Janice said: 'takes the weight off my heel'. I can't figure out if what Janice and Mbrave have is different from what I tried.
Can you describe to me what takes the weight instead of your heel?
Thanks for your help

Re: Rocking boot.

MBRAVE on 9/13/04 at 15:08 (159820)

the model that i was prescibed seems to take the weight off of the heel. i think is has a slight decline in the footbed. it will be two weeks tmw and the pain in the heel has gone from 10 to about a 5. i think the key is to wear the boot all the time. my pod also told me to ice for 15 mins every night which i am doing religiously.
good luck