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Which is the best orthotics

Posted by Karen G on 9/10/04 at 14:33 (159658)

Hi can anyone recommend which orthotic has help you. thanks

Re: Which is the best orthotics

Cyndi on 9/15/04 at 05:07 (159919)

I have not found any that help me Kathy, and the custom made ones are the worst. Sandels around the house with a small heel work the best for me, but wondering about winter coming. My Regular Dr told me the small shoe heel will stretch the plantar muscle. But I am also still searching. I know I need a softer one.

Re: Which is the best orthotics

john h on 9/15/04 at 10:36 (159938)

Cyndi: You did not mention if you have tried Birkenstock sandals. They have an orthotic footbed and are worth a try. Many people find the Airizona to be very helpful. They come in a soft footbed and standard footbed and the new Tamanti Birk has an even higher arch support. I have found the Birks to be better than any of the many orthotics I have tried including custom hard,soft, and semi rigid. I really do not think who makes an orthotic to be that important. It is more important to have one that fits your foot and condition. Many people do not need orthotics and are actually made worse by wearing them. I think when I first developed PF and was custom fitted with a pair of hard orthotics which I ran in for a year that my foot became worse partly as a result of the orthotic. I really think if I knew 9 years ago what I now know about PF I would have been long cured. I did not take my disease serious enough and my Doctors never really explained just how bad this could get if not properly treated and managed by the patient..

Re: Which is the best orthotics

Linda V. on 9/15/04 at 15:27 (159949)

I think one of the reasons I really like my POD is that he also has bouts of PF..and he KNOWS and really UNDERSTANDS the pain and frustration this nasty beast causes. And so he takes his time, helps me try different things, and best of all....listens to me and BELIEVES me when I tell him how it feels. Sort of like trying to tell a guy what childbirth is like---would be much easier if they had the experience of 18 hours of back labor!!