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DVT after pf surgery

Posted by Mary D. on 9/11/04 at 02:35 (159719)

I'm 6 1/2 weeks post op. Had partial release of plantar fascitis and heel spur removal. Cast for 3 weeks. I still have alot of swelling any time I sit for more than an hour or two. What worries me is the coloration, and lack of circulation in my foot. It becomes red and purpleish after sitting. Sometimes it feels cold to the touch. I had a dopplar ultrasound this week to rule out a blood clot, and a x-ray to check for a fracture. Both are negative. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm still not putting any weight on it. Scheduled to start physical therapy next week. (Also have fibromatosis in both feet.)

Re: DVT after pf surgery

Alexandra H. on 9/15/04 at 11:35 (159945)

Hello. I had foot surgery on 7/21 to repair the achilles and remove a spur on the back of the heel (where the achilles attaches). I was in a non-weightbearing cast for 7 weeks. Ever since then, my foot has been very swollen but, curiously enough, not where the surgery was performed. Rather, it is swollen on the top (except for the toes) and the ankles. I too had a vascular ultrasound (doppler) to check for DVT and x-rays to check for stress fractures. Nothing wrong was found. I have already begun physical therapy and, so far, massage is the only thing that temporarily relieves the swelling. I've tried the ice/heat cycle as well. I too have a sedentary job and ideally I should keep my leg elevated (but how can you do that in a cubicle?) My swelling is there whether I sit, walk or exercise, even after a night's sleep.

I can already walk (albeit with crutches) and do stairs, but I have to go back to the wheelchair after a while because I tire easily. There is still no answer for the swelling, though.

Re: DVT after pf surgery

Mark Evans on 9/15/04 at 16:02 (159951)

Swelling and skin discolouration are common findings following foot surgery. Discolouration does not signify lack of circulation - it is a consequence of surgical trauma to the foot. You have had a check-up, so be assured this will improve in time. Go right ahead with the physical therapy which will. Good luck. Let us know if the surgery helped!