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Where's our yoga Julie?

Posted by Linda V. on 9/11/04 at 21:46 (159765)

Hasn't it been a while since Julie has posted? Hope its because of a nice vacation....

Re: Where's our yoga Julie?

Julie on 9/12/04 at 16:08 (159789)

Hi Linda

It's only three days since I last posted! I've been away for the weekend, leading a yoga course for a group of folks up in the north of England. Just back, and catching up. Thanks for missing me.


Re: Where's our yoga Julie?

Karen G on 9/21/04 at 07:51 (160245)

hi julie do you live in england? If so do you no anywhere that i can get orthodic shoes.. karen

Re: Where's our yoga Julie?

Julie on 9/21/04 at 11:43 (160259)

Karen, yes, I do live in England - in London: what about you. What do you mean by orthotic shoes? The only over-the-counter shoes I have personal experience of that have an orthotic footbed are Birkenstocks: these are available in some specialist shops, and it would be wise for you to go to one that has staff that know the shoes and can fit you properly. There is a Birkenstock shop in London, in Neal Street, Covent Garden, so if you're in or near London that would be a good place to go.

But orthotics (if that's what you mean) need to be casted and prescribed by a podiatrist or a pedorthist.