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RICHARD, Know anybody S. Alabama?

Posted by Nick, C.Ped on 9/13/04 at 01:03 (159804)

Susan o. is looking for a C.Ped in a shoe store who will help with hard to fit size (around W 12ish i think?) in either South Alabama or Atlanta.
I told her how to look up a C.Ped but was checking if you maybe knew anybody in the area since you are a hek of a lot closer than me. (to that side of the country)

You can view the whole thread in the 'ask the foot doc's' board to get up to speed on any info you need.

Thanks, Nick

Re: To Susan and Nick

Richard, C.Ped on 9/13/04 at 08:35 (159808)

I get that all the time. I would just try a men's 10 to 10.5 Wide or so. That would be an easy fit if you are looking for an athletic type shoe. If you are looking for a casual type ladies shoe, P.W. Minor has a pretty good selection that go up to 12 3E. Of course, that will be pretty expensive. I really do not use P.W. Minor anymore because of that.

Susan, I looked on P.W.'s web site and it really does not tell you anything. If you would like a catalog, just let me know. I will get one out to you. If you saw a shoe you liked, I could also order it and send it to you as well.

My email is (email removed)


Re: To Susan and Nick

susan o on 9/13/04 at 09:08 (159812)

I deeply appreciate your help guys! I have a narrow heel, and a thin foot (depth, not width). When I've tried men's athletic shoes in the past, they just are too wide on the heel. I'm doing fairly well with athletic shoes now with some New Balance. But now I need something a bit more dressy. Big problem finding those! Our area just seems so limited in choices of brands. Can't recall ever having seen P.W. Minor shoes here, but will definitely look again. My search is being complicated some because my elderly mother had a stroke in December and is now living with us. (Physically okay other than tiring easily and huge communication problems. More than you need to know for this purpose...it just adds up to traveling somewhere to shop is greatly hampered.)

Re: To Susan and Nick

Richard, C.Ped on 9/13/04 at 11:09 (159817)

I forgot to mention in my email to you that a good solution to help with a heel slipping, is to add material to the tongue of the shoe. When you tighten the laces or straps, this will help push the foot back in the shoe and reduce slippage.

Re: To Susan and Nick

susan o on 9/13/04 at 17:59 (159834)

Thanks Richard. Hadn't thought of that one.