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strange feeling in the foot

Posted by ziv on 9/14/04 at 08:18 (159850)

ive been doing streches for almost a month now
there has certainly been an decrease in pains in the heel area
but i have a 'strange' feeling in my feet, in the area above the heel, around 9-11 cm (4-+ inch) from the edge of the foot (from the heel), where the arch starts, i have a feeling like this area is 'falling', like it is lower than it should be, and when im stepping, i feels like im stepping on something in this area (other than the floor ;-), like im stepping on a stick )

did anyone had a feeling like this ?
can i do special streches do solve this problem?
how much time usually passes from when you start doing streches until you should really feel better ?

im having problems in my feet for a year now, i was diagnosed as having pf by a doctor only 1 month ago (isnt that a waste of time? .. :-(

Re: strange feeling in the foot

Robyne on 9/23/04 at 03:24 (160371)

I used to have a strange feeling with pain in my arches, I got some good arch supports and it has dissappeared. Good luck!