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My Dr. said I have Tarsal Tunnal

Posted by Diana on 9/15/04 at 09:32 (159937)

Hello, My feet are killing me! My Dr. said I have Tarsal Tunnel. a few weeks ago when I went to my Dr. the pain was not that bad, but this week I have severe pain and I noticed bright red spider like veins appearing where the pain is, (inside ankle). I also notice every time I have a bout of severe pain, I get a pulled muscle in my back usually sending me to the ER for a dose of pain medication. I also have some heel pain and something like a small ball forming on the bottom each foot under the toe area, above the arch on the outer side of the foot.
Does this usually occur? I am still waiting for referrals to specialists; I don't know how long it will take.

Re: My Dr. said I have Tarsal Tunnal

john king on 9/17/04 at 15:03 (160080)

Be careful about that Tarsal Tunnal diagnosis. It is a rare aliment and the surgery is 'iffy' at best. You may have some kind of back problem. Get a second opinion!

Re: My Dr. said I have Tarsal Tunnal

Diana on 9/22/04 at 10:04 (160334)

I am getting a second opinion on Thursday. My back hurts only after I start walking funny with the ankles pain. I explained to my dr. that the pain in my ankles feels like the pain I had when I had corpal tunnel in my wrists. I guess I'll know soon enough.
Thank you Diana