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It can happen to " Lazy People" as you say.....

Posted by Tuesday W. on 9/16/04 at 01:37 (159970)


I must say I was sad to see your information about how tarsal tunnel syndrome can not happen to lazy people as you are ill informed. Hypothyroidism is a main cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome and highly overlooked by many health care providers, just like the thyroid diseases themselves. So the people may not be lazy by choice, but if you had no operating thyroid gland that regulates your body's metabolism among other important tasks, you might not be Mr. Energy, and it would not be a choice. I am giving personal testimony as I was a soccer player and track runner for 17 years and always healthy. I became very symptomatic starting at age 21 and I was misdiagnosed for 5 years, which sadly is not uncommon in thyroid disease. Even now I bump into people that have no understanding about the thyroid and its function and the other problems it will cause left untreated, even heart failure, coma and death in extreme cases. As long as you are so very proud to add resources to the internet, you may wish to to go to goole and type in hypothyroidism and foot pain together to better educate yourself and your site. My previous multitude of sports injuries have nothing to do with my extreme foot pain, I am not regulated on my hormone therapy yet and when I am I will have likely total relief from any pain and foot pain with no surgery required. We live in a health care system that tracks down symptoms not roots, which equal large pay checks, not solutions or healing. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion, and I am thankfull for mindfull doctors who don't require total luxury here on earth to practice. Tuesday W., R.M.T

Re: It can happen to " Lazy People" as you say.....

Ann L on 9/17/04 at 19:45 (160096)

Hi Tuesday,
There are multiple causes for foot pain. Hypothyroidism can affect the nerves in the feet leading to TTS-type pain. My podiatrist ruled out thyroid problems from the very first visit with him along with other hormone and autoimmune disorders as a cause for my foot pain. I would venture to guess that many, tho not all on this website were at least eventually fully evaluated for all possible other causes of foot pain besides true, straight forward TTS. I wish you luck on you hormone therapy, that you will be regulated soon, and will not continue to be in pain like other true TTSer's. I would have given anything to have been able to fix my feet by taking thyroid medication!