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Posted by Cindy W-A on 9/16/04 at 12:28 (159985)

I've had PF for 10 months, resulting from an injury - I hit my heel on a piece of cement. There is still a small lump, what my pod called 'gristle', at the original injury site. I mentioned this in an earlier post and Dr. Z advised getting an MRI. I asked my pod about it and he said he wanted to try the shots first. He's injected it twice - May & June - with Wydase and it may have shrunk a little but is still there - about the size of a small pea. (I've also had 2 cortisone shots around the fascia area but those didn't really help.) He wanted to do a 3rd shot of Wydase but I just couldn't take another one at that point. I've been in physical therapy for the past 2 months and am improving slowly (I'm also using the Foot Trainer). Most of my foot pain has been in the arch area towards my heel so this lump may not matter but I'm still concerned. Would a 3rd shot do any good? Is there some other solution he could try?


Dr. Z on 9/16/04 at 18:25 (159996)

Did the doctor tell you that this was a plantar fibroma?


Cindy W-A on 9/16/04 at 19:37 (160004)

He never mentioned plantar fibroma - he just said it felt like a piece of gristle. The lump can't be seen from just looking at my heel. I have to feel around for it and then I can kind of rock it back and forth under my finger. My pod had a hard time finding it the first time.