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lump behind toes

Posted by SusanC on 9/16/04 at 14:53 (159988)

I have a lump behind the third toe. I have had neuroma's removed from the area between toe 3 & 4 and also between toe 4 & 5. Bottom of foot swells up and I get sharp pains in 3rd & th toes. Sometimes 3rd toe feels numb. I have been to 3 foot doctors. They can't seem to find anything in there. The last one cut a hole in the sole of my shoe to relieve the pressure. I went for therapy after knee surgery and a therapist looked at my foot and said get to a foot doctor, there is something in foot throwing my knee and leg off balance. Help. Who do foot doctors go to with foot problems. I live in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN area?

Re: lump behind toes

Dr. Z on 9/16/04 at 18:24 (159995)

Could be a problem with your metatarsal bone. You have had two ligaments cut that hold these bone into alignment. Physical examination should reveal if this is the problem