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Posted by Dave R on 9/17/04 at 13:26 (160071)

Its been a very long time since i posted on this board. If you remember, marty and I had surgery just a few days apart. i had pf surgery and he had tarsal tunnel surgery. My doctor released 1/3 of the fascia on my right foot. It heeled quickly and i was back to my old self..Although the surgery certainly did help i did however still have heel pain that kept me from doing what i wanted to do. I decided to wait one year after my surgery date to see if things would improve even more but they didnt.
After some friendly advise from the doctors here and an actual referel of a good podiatrist that is from wisconsin i was able to locate a great pod. He suggested that i have a gastricnemius recession or a gastric slide to lengthen my achilles tendon. After all i was unable to dorsiflex my right foot without reinjuring my heel. my range of motion before surgery was at a negative 4 degrees. We also discussed releasing some tissue around the baxter nerve and following it deep underneath the plantar fascia to see if it was being entrapped. I decided to have all this done a few months ago and i can finally say that my foot feels 100 percent better. i do not need to tape my foot anymore. I am able to do all the walking that i want right now and i am able to dorsiflex my foot as much as i want. I have gained 18 degress in dorsiflexion. If it wasnt for doctor W from this board i would of never of found this doctor and i would still be having some trouble. i have suffered for the better part of 7 years. I had to leave the job that i loved and crawled around the house for the better part of a year. As some of you know it can be devastating and in my case it certainly was. I lost most of my friends and the one that i loved most could not understand what i was going through and i guess she just got sick of trying to support me........I am finally, geniunely happy with my results and I dont have any pain at all. My whole outlook and attitude about everything has certainly changed and i am sure that i am more pleasant to be around. For those of you that have given up there is hope just keep on trying.

Re: Thanks

Dr. Z on 9/17/04 at 20:05 (160100)

Glad to here you are cured. !!!!!

Re: Thanks

Kristie on 9/20/04 at 09:09 (160194)

You message is very inspirational. I'm so glad your feeling better. As for your lost friends. Your better off without them. Friends may not understand everything you go through but should stand by and support you. You real friends are the ones that stand by you in happy and sad times.

So happy your feeling better. Have fun celebration your new life.