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walking barefoot

Posted by john on 9/19/04 at 09:24 (160163)

why is it not recommended to walk bare foot ?
when im in my house, i actually feel more comfortable when walking barefoot

im having pains in my leg for about a year, it was diagnosed as pf

Re: walking barefoot

Julie on 9/19/04 at 09:30 (160165)

Walking barefoot puts extra tension on the plantar fascia at its insertion point and can lead to further microtears. Apart from this, if you have PF, your feet need the support of well-made shoes.

But did you say you have pain in your LEG? Diagnosed as PF? PF pain is most commonly in the heel, sometimes in the arch.

Re: walking barefoot

john on 9/19/04 at 13:47 (160173)

my pain is in the feet, in the heel area and also in the middle of the arch (and sometimes near the toes ...)
how do you walk around indoor ?

Re: walking barefoot

Julie on 9/19/04 at 14:24 (160175)

That does sound more like PF, then.

When I developed PF, a few years ago, I started wearing Birkenstock Arizona sandals. I still do, though I no longer have PF. They live beside my bed, and I stick my feet in them when I put my feet over the side. I wear them all the time at home.

You might find Birkenstocks helpful - they give good support to the arch, and minimise the strain on the plantar fascia. But the important thing is' Don't Go Barefoot.

Read the heel pain book on this website for good information about PF and treatment options.