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Plantar Fasciitis??

Posted by Katie K on 9/21/04 at 21:11 (160293)

Hi, I have a bump the size of a nickle on the lateral side of my heel--it has been there for three months now. I have no pain walking, but discomfort if I push on the bump. I only have a BMI of 19, so this is not weight related. I do walk alot 3 days a week but I have great comfy shoes...I do have a very high arches.....is this Plantar Fasciitis????

Re: Plantar Fasciitis??

Ed Davis. DPM on 9/21/04 at 22:32 (160308)

What you are describing does not sound like plantar fasciitis. Did it arise and grow rapidly? If so, it would be a good idea to have a doc look at it.