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Need to get new orthotics

Posted by Tina H on 9/22/04 at 06:56 (160325)

After wearing the same hard plastic(dynasport) orthotics for 3 years they are no longer comfortable for my non pf foot and I am developing tendonitis in that foot, possibly aggrevated by the orthotic not 'hitting' in the right place. I recently tried buying several new pairs of shoes, new balance, brooks addiction thinking that would help. It did not and I can't wear just one. In the meantime I'm wearing powersteps, better than nothing, but not enough support for me. Does anyone know if orthotics need to be replaced from time to time? Also any recommendations of someone in Pittsburgh who fits orthotics properly? Thank you, Tina

Re: Need to get new orthotics

Richard, C.Ped on 9/22/04 at 08:48 (160329)

Many of the people we see do like to replace their orthotics every year, but their insurance pays for it. There are some foot types that will change. I would say that after three years, I would suggest recasting again.

I have family in Pittsburgh, but I do not know of anyone to recommend right now. I will try to find a list in the mean time.

Re: Need to get new orthotics

Tina H on 9/22/04 at 16:17 (160352)

Thanks Richard. That makes sense. I see my podiatrist next week so I'll ask her who she would suggest although I sense that she is not exactly a big fan of the type of orthotics I have which were made by someone where we previously lived. I do have to say that those hard plastic orthotics were very good for both of my feet until recently. Thank you, Tina