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Going mad with NO diagnosis

Posted by Mike M on 9/22/04 at 08:30 (160328)

I've had pain in my arches for over 3 years. Tried everything inc orthotics (8 pairs), taping, icing, injections, 2 eswt's, therefore, pretty much everything except surgery.

I have sen several pod's and 2 eminent surgeons who cannot provide a definitive diagnosis. Xrays and mris taken 3 years ago and more recently are 'clear'. My questions are:-

1.There is no thickening og the fascia, so pf has been ruled out. Does an mri show thickening.

2. I have little morning pain and only when I've been on my feet for 45 mins or more when the whole foot can ache. I get some heel pain but mostly in the arches about an inch in front of the insertion point.

3. Assuming I have no fracutres, nor pf what else can this be ?



Re: Going mad with NO diagnosis

Ed Davis,DPM on 9/23/04 at 10:11 (160381)

The one area you have not mentioned was the act of looking for nerve entrapment - eg. tarsal tunnel syndrome, medial calcaneal nerve entrapment, Baxter's nerve (affects the insertion point)- this pain is often felt as 'subcalcaneal', that is, somewhat beneath the fascia at about the origin of the fascia.

Re: Going mad with NO diagnosis

john king on 9/23/04 at 15:41 (160406)


I have had the same kind of arch pain for years. I don't have first step pain and my heels are O.K. It is my arch that hurts so bad that my whole foot hurts after standing 10 minutes. My feet are always tender and hurt after weight bearing activity. I don't think surgery will cure this problem and may make it worse. JMO