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Medical Licenses

Posted by Pauline on 9/22/04 at 10:45 (160339)

This will be my last post on the topic of Mark Evans.

The holding a medical license is a hard earned privlidge. That license is granted to an individual in only one name. Unlike God who may be called by many names, a individuals medical license has only one specific name printed on it.

That license is recorded and kept on file with the issuing body under the the name that it was issued in and these licenses are usually renewed every few years. If it wasn't important to know who has a medical licenses they wouldn't keep them on file. There would be no need for them.

One of the primary purposes for keeping a person's medical license on file and updated is to provide a degree of security for the public. It shows the person representing himself as a physician holding that license is indeed licensed to practice medicine within that state. Doctors may hold license to practice medicine in other states as well, but they must apply for that privlidge in each state they wish to practice medicine.

Credentials for verification and educational requirments are checked by the primary issuing body for every physician.

Physicians are required to notify state licensing agencies of any address changes and must include the individuals name, license number, profession, social security number, date of birth and both old and new address.

They are also required to notify the state licensing agencies for a name change by submitting a copy of an official name change document such as a marriage certificate or a divorce decree, their name as they wish listed on the new licenses, their profession, social security card number and a date of birth.

In the U.K. it is similar. By July 5, 2005 all Podiatrist, NHS or private practice must be registered with the HPC or they will be breaking the law. They are also required periodic reregistration.

It appears to me that if regulating bodies require that medical license are not taken for granted or abused, but must be updated and renewed on a regular basis they consider them serious documents, both to themselves, to the persons holding those licenses and to the public.

Calling oneself a doctor or surgeon, Podatrist, M.D. or D.O. is serious business. I expect anyone representing themselves as a medical authority, on this site, use the name that he has on his medical licenses. That is the name that hold license to practice medicine or call themselves a medical authority or use the names and initials privlidged only to these individuals, such as Podiatrist, M.D. Chiro., D.O., Surgeon, Dentist, or Chiropodist when identifing themselves.

According to the medical license issuing bodies that licenses isn't transferable to any other name unless a new name is submitted to them whether that be here or in the U.K.

Medical standards come from hard work resulting in the privlidge to identify oneself as a doctor, surgeon, Podiatrist etc. Not every Tom, Dick or Harry is a licensed physician. The good news is that we have ways for the public to check and that's by contacting registering and licensing agencies.

I think you'll find most doctors proud of their own name. One just talked about his.

Ask yourself how much confidence can Scott's readers build in someone who post saying they are a medical authority, a Podiatrist, or M.D. etc, but in who they cannot find any record of their existance or verification of credentials with registration or licensing boards because they are not using their real name.

My answer would be none.

Re: Medical Licenses

Julie on 9/22/04 at 11:52 (160346)

Pauline, I have no quarrel with any of this. However, I believe that none of it applies to Mark Evans. I repeat: I cannot understand why you are suspicious of him to the point of conducting investigations about him. It is uncalled for, and insulting.

Posting under an assumed name is not a crime. He did not know the website, and it was reasonable to take precautions. Given your persecution of him, he is doubtless thankful that he didn't post under his real name.

You have consistently complained about the failure of others to welcome new medical people to the website. On this occasion, you've surpassed them, and yourself.

I'm glad this was your last post (though I can't say I warm to the threatening tone of that remark), because I think the entire conversation has been unnecessary, and your attitude unjustified.

I am not going to say that this is my last post, because if you respond to it I will respond to you. I feel strongly that an honest person who came here for information and stayed to help people is being maligned, and I don't like it.

Re: Medical Licenses

Dr. Z on 9/22/04 at 17:51 (160357)


I have read and absorbed what you have recited, which is all true, however since this is the internet and no one ever asked Mark Evans to prove his background what is the point of your post.
Was they ever a point in his posts where ANYONE needed to look into his background.
Have you looked into ALL of the backgrounds of the doctors on this board
What is interesting and I want to first comment that I am very glad to have Dr. Manoli come to this board, that I had never heard of him or should I have heard of him before you brought to my attention his background. This has nothing to do with his expertise or his background it just that if someone told me how you ever heard of Dr. Manoli. My answer would be who?
This didn't set me off to investigate his background, is it the real doctor posting? I listened to his posts and read them and that was it
My question is what was it that set you off in this investigated pathway for Mark Evans. This is what I can't understand. He never turned me down for any information that we or anyway requested
People,doctors that continue to post will be found out for who they are with time. This is something that has always happened on heelspurs.com so there is on fear that you can dispense medical advice for very long without being found out.
I think I know why Mark Evans didn't use his real name. He studied this site before he came to it and saw that he might be attacked.
We must all stop pre-judging the motives and action of people starting now

Re: Medical Licenses

Ed Davis,DPM on 9/23/04 at 09:57 (160379)

There is a bit of a difference when someone comes here seeking information as Mark Evans did as have others and when an individual approaches the site as 'I am a credentailed specialist offering advice.'

Like you, I have never heard of Dr. Manoli. I don't doubt Pauline's sincerity in her knowledge of his credentials. As far as his 'fame' that is another story.Pauline is asking to trust her knowledge of his credentials and we have certainly obliged.

Those seeking information certainly have no obligation to identify themselves as many post here anonymously and I really don't know the professions or background of many a frequent poster here.

All need to be welcomed in similar fashion with credentail inquiries saved for those regularly holding themselves out as authoritative on the site in an 'official' capacity.

Re: Medical Licenses

Pauline on 9/23/04 at 10:46 (160385)

Dr. Ed,
Medical license are easily checked as well as credential verifications. I I have check every person who has titled themselves on this site with a medical identification such as Doctor, Podiatrist, Surgeon, D.O. DDS, Chiro. etc for well over three years. The person that you say came for information also posted that he had a medical practice in the U.K. and when that happened he became what you call a person holding themselves out as authoritative in an 'official' capacity. He began responding to readers as a medical professional.

Dr. Manoli has stated his background and I've posted his office phone number and address. Anyone with any concerns can or could contact him at those locations. They are not hidden from anyone nor is he using a phony name. He practices medicine and gives advice under the name that holds the license for that privilege. The name Joe Blow doesn't hold Dr. Manoli's medical license to practice medicine, and should he use another name and try to practice under that name he would be breaking the law unless officially notifing the medical license board. If you're going to provide medical advise and state you are a doctor, surgeon etc you need to be licensed under that name.

Additionally anyone can call the state licensing board in the state of Michigan and check to see if Dr. A. Manoli is licensed to practice medicine in that state. They can also call his office and ask personnel which hospitals he is on staff at and then call those hospitals for verification and some education/personal background.

The information to be able to do this was provided, yet many do not check or care to check they merely take it as face value. You've not even bothered to check. I know you have a valid active license to practice Dr. Reynolds in Australia has one, Dr. Z, Dr. Wishie, Dr. Reid, Dr. Wander the list goes on. These people hold current license in their state to practice medicine be it Podiatry, or G.P. in the case of Dr. Reynolds in Melbourne.

Having ones license and medical credentials checked by outside sourses is part and parcel of being able to say that you are a professional who has earned the right to call youself a doctor be it Internist, Surgeon, or Podiatrist and can prove it. Doing so is the right of everyone else.

Re: Medical Licenses

john h on 9/23/04 at 15:13 (160401)

I must confess. I am not really john h but the famous soothsayer Melvin the Magnificient. I obtained my credentials at the Arkansas Internet University from which the very famous Dr. Huey Lewi was graduated. Dr. Lewi later, as most of you know, became the first known Chiropidist. His picture was posted for some time on our board of pictures.

Re: Medical Licenses

Dr. Z on 9/23/04 at 18:39 (160417)

John H

Have you heard from Dr. Huey Lewi lately???

Re: Medical Licenses

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/24/04 at 22:12 (160464)

Good to see that you have taken the time to do the check up as it is a service to the site. Nevertheless, if someone has just come here to do an inquiry, as Mark Evans did, does it really matter what their credentials are? It is different if someone comes to give 'professional' advice because then credentials come into play.

Re: Medical Licenses

Pauline on 9/26/04 at 19:44 (160541)

Dr. Ed,
Sorry I've been away and couldn't respond to your post sooner. I think these examples qualify as the 'professional' advice you identify as the item making the 'difference' one's post, when credentials would come into play. You might have just missed them. I don't recall any non professional here stating they give pre-opt. talks and warn patients, then follow it up with pretty direct medical advice to the poster who asked a question.

: My foot surgery of 7/21 - retrocalcaneal spur and achilles repair view thread
Posted by Mark Evans on 9/15/04 at 15:57

Alexandra - after reading your posting I am not sure what you are concerned about. If you are worried about the swelling, I would suggest this is normal following foot surgery. In my pre-op talks I will usually warn patients that it can take up to 12-months to get back to normal. Try a compression bandage, rest and elevate the foot as much as possible. Hope this helps.
Posted to Category: Foot Surgery

Re: DVT after pf surgery view thread
Posted by Mark Evans on 9/15/04 at 16:02

Swelling and skin discolouration are common findings following foot surgery. Discolouration does not signify lack of circulation - it is a consequence of surgical trauma to the foot. You have had a check-up, so be assured this will improve in time. Go right ahead with the physical therapy which will. Good luck. Let us know if the surgery helped!
Posted to Category: Foot Surgery

Re: Medical Licenses

Dr. Z on 9/26/04 at 21:09 (160543)


You have put into play a new policy that I don't believe Scott has had for any physician coming to this board. They must use their own name. This is what it sounds like you are compaigning for.
If this is what Scott wants I am proposing the following if any poster wants to give out advice and claims to have medical background then he must use his real name and have a liscensure to practice somewhere, if he fails to do this when requested then the poster should be deleted

Re: Medical Licenses

Pauline on 9/27/04 at 08:01 (160552)

It may be a new standard for this site, but I even your own Medical Societies expect their members not to use phony names when providing the public with medical information and claiming medical licenses to do so. They adhere to certain standards. Personally I think they would advise readers to check for licensure of anyone offering free medical advice via the internet and run from any doctor not having it or one that you cannot find.

Re: Medical Licenses

Dr. Z on 9/27/04 at 13:37 (160582)

So do you agree with my above prosposal.? If so I will point this out to Scott

Re: Medical Licenses

Pauline on 9/27/04 at 14:56 (160590)

Dr. Z,
Please understand this is no campaign it's a safety issue for the general public who come to this site and expect and believe the doctors responding to their questions are really licensed doctors, not actors, not doctors using phony names or people posing as doctors. They should have some degree of assurance and the only way that can be done is for them to check to see if that person is licensed to practice medicine.

To be able to do this they must have the full licensed name of every new doctor coming to this board and the state, city, provence and country of practice. Along with this their office address and phone number would be a plus.

The reader then has the ability to check with licensing boards, various medical societies and medical registries to insure themselves that indeed they are corresponding with a person who is holding a current license in that specific medical profession, ie is a licensed doctor.

The practice of medicine isn't taking place on this site, but specific medical advice is being offered with some posters using the initials Dr. before their name or in the case of Mark Evans, him saying he was a Podiatric Surgeon in another country.

Any reader who accepts at face value, that someone is actually a doctor on the internet could be playing a deadly game.

Any doctor who accepts medical deception, to the public, as a norm and acceptable practice anywhere isn't adhering to the oath that he took himself. As a medical professional if you can't be honest about who you are, there is no reason to put trust in you at all.

Re: Medical Licenses

Dr. Z on 9/27/04 at 15:01 (160591)

I am agreeing with 100%. How we enforce this is what I am talking about. I like the fact that if any doctor expresses an opinion and or offers advice he or she must show a valid address with a valid name. I like my idea of deleting any post whereby a doctor won't give his name when requested and address when requested. Seems fair and will help to protect the web site public.
I think the Mark Evans situation is rare and I wasn't worried about his advice since we were already cooresponding via e-mail.

Re: Medical Licenses

Pauline on 9/27/04 at 15:32 (160600)

Not so rare. We had a Dr. G. a while back that everyone took at face value quite readily even arguing not to question the guy for fear of him leaving. I'm saying if you don't know for certain he is a licensed physician by checking to see that he is registered with a licensing board the loss isn't that great.

Let someone sign on with the initials Dr. in front of their name or mention that they are a Podiatric Surgeon, Gyn or any medical professional and you'd think God decended on this site.

Time to stop and think, is this person really who they say they are?

John from Mn was more than happy to provide Dr. Sandalls office address and phone number for posters. I think anyone including other doctors introducing a new doctor to the readers on this site should be doing this.

Just because someone says they are a doctor doesn't make it true.