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Lidocaine Patch 5% ??????

Posted by Marty from SLC on 9/22/04 at 11:26 (160342)

Well I went back after a month of taking b12 and yep it's going up a bit. I was under 300, now 389. But my b1 is only still 116 and is not going up. I'm going to increase this back he didn't know how much to up it, anyone have a good idea? I'm taking 5mg 3 times a day now.

Questions if I may, well ok second questions if your counting. LOL

He gave me a Lidocaine Patch 5% to put on my feet and I can't find much out about this, what is it?

I looked the cost up for my mail in pharmacy and ouch! not covered, is the a replacement that's cheap? It seems to be helping.

These things work well for me !!!! The Nero side they are a distributor???



Re: Lidocaine Patch 5% ??????

Ed Davis,DPM on 9/23/04 at 10:15 (160382)

The original lidoderm patch was designed for treatment of shingles. The lidocaine does not penetrate very far, but, if it works for you -- use it.

Re: Lidocaine Patch 5% ??????

john h on 9/23/04 at 15:24 (160403)

I have been using this patch for about two years for low back pain. I find it helpful and as Dr. Ed states it does not penetrate very deep. I also find one needs to stop using it for a week or so every month or it seems to lose it's effectivness. I think it is still primarly used for shingles. My family Doctor was unfamilar with it until I advised her about it. She now prescribes it to her many patients with shingles. I have never tried it on my feet. When it gets hot from sweat as your feet probably do it gets very soft and will slide around very easily so I do not see how one could walk with one on the bottom of the foot. As you know the cost is high and one cannot be changing them every few hours. Note they are manufactured in Japan. They recently changed the packaging. They were packaged in a big envelope. Now they are individually package and then placed in a box which I think contains 30.

Re: Lidocaine Patch 5% ??????

BrianG on 9/24/04 at 09:04 (160430)

Hi Marty,

You can get 5% Lidocaine ointment by prescription. I'm sure it's cheaper than the patches. My tube is made by Fougera. I tried it on my heels without much relief, but I have PF bad! I do know that it works excellent for tooth aches.

Good luck

Re: Lidocaine Patch 5% ??????

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/24/04 at 22:19 (160465)

The tissue (mucosa) of the mouth and gums are highly absorbant and that is why there is good effect on toothaches.
The patch has one advantage over the ointment and that is occlusion, that is, the act of placing a membrane or patch over a topical literally can increase absorbtion by a factor of 3. One option could be to use the ointment and cover it with something like saran wrap and tape in order to up the absorbtion.