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to: Darlene, Terri, Julie, and Dr. Z--Re. Foot cramps

Posted by Geri on 9/23/04 at 12:26 (160392)

My first post was on 'Ask the Dr', I did not have answers for you until today. My complaint was arch and calf cramps that were very painful. The other post had dropped off so I'm answering you here.
(Dr. Z.) You asked why an incision behind the knee? It actually was below the knee and on the side of the leg. The reason for the 3 incision's follows, I'm taking the info from my surgeons notes. Diagnosis-Peripheral neuropathy with extreme pain on right lower extremities. Operation: Decompression, right common and deep peroneal nerves, posterior tibial nerve at the tarsal tunnel, medial and lateral plantar nerves and calcaneal nerves, right lower extremity.
(Darlene) You asked if I had numbness or pain on the top of my foot and/or first interspace. Yes I did. My big toe and and other 4 toes were painful, especially my big toe. As far as numbness I did not notice it until I had the nerve test which is the same machine Dr. Dellon uses. I cannot remember the name of the test.
(Terri and Julie) --Your information for cramping stopped my cramping within 24 hours. I had not slept for 3 nights because of the arch and calf cramps. I quickly refilled my multivite-calcium/magnesium and extra magnesium, got the heating pad out (such comfort and relief) and slept in a good position. You would think I would not let my vits lapse but I did and I payed the price. Thankyou-thankyou. You all are so gracious to help all of us during our painful journey and I for one really appreciate your time and help. I'm 11 months post-op and ever so slowly am getting better. Patience has never been one of my virtues but boy am I learning.
Thankyou so much again all of you.

Re: to: Darlene, Terri, Julie, and Dr. Z--Re. Foot cramps

Dr. Z on 9/23/04 at 15:40 (160405)

Glad you are doing better. What confused me was your diagnosis of TTS.

Re: to: Darlene, Terri, Julie, and Dr. Z--Re. Foot cramps

Terri on 9/25/04 at 09:13 (160481)

Geri, I'm so glad to hear you can sleep at night again. It's amazing how many people take a full night's sleep for granted. Ironically, I had a very bad bout of cramping on Weds night this past week and found it was due to dehydration from a stomach upset. That's another factor to keep in mind also, drink plenty of water through the day. I've been told, although never tried it yet, that tonic water is good for relieving cramping as it contains small amounts of quinine. I don't know if it's true or not, maybe I'll try a search and see what I can find.

Good luck in your continued improvement, stay on those supplements!

Re: to: Darlene, Terri, Julie, and Dr. Z--Re. Foot cramps

Janice C on 10/17/04 at 16:39 (161691)

I have had severe leg cramps, mostly in calves of legs for years, since a child. Went on the Atkins diet a yr ago to lose some wt due to the PF problems in both feet. Cramps stopped within about 2 weeks, guess what I discovered, I've also been anemic all my life because I don't like meat particularly. My HCT & hemoglobin are normal!! No leg cramps in past yr.