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Julie, Cyndi, Suzanne D., Marie

Posted by Dorothy on 9/23/04 at 17:06 (160412)

Julie - Wonderful tree (olive) photo of a magnificent tree. The cypress photos that replaced it were also lovely. What a place!
Thank you so much for all the web links and diet/food info. It's all very intriguing. And also thanks for any breakfast sleuthing you can do.
We all look forward to hearing from you..

Suzanne D., Cyndi and Marie - Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. You are right, Suzanne D.; I have had it once before and it was bad then, but worse encore. Cyndi, blowing up balloons seems like a big challenge right now, but I will try it soon. Marie, art teacher of undaunted courage in webworld(!), thank you for that and for your kind words.

John h - Name not in subject line, but thank you, too, for the High Seas images - I am drawn to them and just love looking at them and the sea. I wonder if Carole C. has any sea-tales to tell... Also thank you for testing and reporting on the Birk. High arch Tatamis. I have wondered about those and think I will give them a try. My faithful Arizonas are about to give up their ghost.

Speaking of High Seas (and hurricanes, too), I don't recall which name this hurricane carried, but what happened was a strange thing: There is a well-known restauranteur, Chuck Muer, who owned a number of wonderful restaurants known for seafood(Ann Arbor, Mich,; Grand Rapids, Mich; Detroit and area/Michigan; Pittsburgh, Pa, locations in Florida - and I'm sure I'm omitting many). They are often in wonderful buildings with unique decor, great food. He was a colorful figure, and an experienced sailor. He and his wife and another couple went out on Muer's sailboat and one of the really huge hurricanes arrived, right where they were sailing between U.S. and Bermuda (I think) - and they were lost at sea. I always thought it was an unsettling story for many reasons. This was in the early 1990s, as I recall - but dates, etc. are a little foggy now and I don't want to look it up. We always loved their restaurants (Charley's Crab in Grand Rapids; Gandy Dancer in Ann Arbor; the historical railroad station in Pittsburgh - name escapes me right now)and thought it was an astonishing thing to have happen. It is amazing to see the sea in those photos on High Seas and most of those are sizeable boats/ships, but Muer's was a personal sailboat - big, no doubt, but not ship-size. Imagine the waves bearing down on that - and seeing them - and being aware of your fate. Gives me goosebumps.

Re: Julie, Cyndi, Suzanne D., Marie

Dorothy on 9/23/04 at 17:49 (160415)

I am correcting my spelling error. I first wrote 'restauranteur'.
It should be restaurateur.

Sorry. My error.

Re: Julie, Cyndi, Suzanne D., Marie

Suzanne D. on 9/23/04 at 18:38 (160416)

I'm glad you are improving, Dorothy, and hope that it won't be long before you get your strength back completely.

My husband has had many bouts of bronchitis (especially in the fall and spring), and pneumonia several times in the past 30 years. He actually has been doing better in recent years and attributes that to increased physical exercise (biking and lifting weights). Of course he has no foot problems, so he has not been hindered in those pursuits!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
Suzanne :)

Re: Julie, Cyndi, Suzanne D., Marie

Kathy G on 9/24/04 at 08:55 (160429)


It's good to see your name again. I just mentioned to my husband that I thought something had happened to you. You're so right. This is a little community of friends and we worry about each other if we don't hear from someone. It's one of the most positive aspects of having PF! I have friends who can't believe I correspond with 'strangers' on the internet. They don't understand that you aren't strangers to me.

Recovery from pneumonia is a very long process. Luckily, I don't speak from experience but I nursed my mother through many, many bouts of it and I remember how long it took her to get her strength back. She learned to pace herself but sometimes she would overdo it and break out in a sweat and have to sit down and rest after doing too much.

Luckily, and that's probably the wrong term to use, you have some experience in pacing yourself and taking it easy even when you don't want to because of your feet.

I'm glad you're on the road to recovery. Take it slow and easy and thanks for checking in with us because we missed you!

Re: Julie, Cyndi, Suzanne D., Marie

Dorothy on 9/24/04 at 20:18 (160456)

Thank you, Kathy G.! I feel better just reading such nice notes.