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heel pain(burning)

Posted by jimmy on 9/23/04 at 20:07 (160421)

since febuary I had excessive burning in my heels.It was rather mild for about 7 months prior to that.I have gone to a podiotrist and found that I have heel spurs.He gave me a cortizone shot in each heel(first in the right,then 2 weeks later in the left).I have also taken anti-inflams(viox & indomethacin)and still it burns.an E.M.G showed that I have a problem with a nerve that is associated closely with polyneuropathy.do you think the burning
is comming from the spur or nerve?i've taken neurontin to block the pain but it did'nt work.after severl months of rest,should it be time to get surgery?

Re: heel pain(burning)

jimmy on 9/23/04 at 20:27 (160423)

ps:I have also worked in extreme muticlimates for about 8 years now,should that be a major factor?