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Ripped Achilles Tendon

Posted by SuzanneC on 9/25/04 at 10:58 (160485)

I posted a message last week ---- when i thought the problem i was experiencing was 'pump bump' or 'Haglands Deformity'. I went to a
specialist yesterday, and come to find out that my problem is a
tear in my Achilles Tendon. I will be having a MRI next week --- to see the extent and particulars of the tear. There was to much inflammation, and could not be seen in detail by an X-ray. If it is not a clean tear --- Ive been told that i will need surgery to repair it. Right now im in a cast to immoblize it --- to encourage it to mend or heal on its own. Does anyone have any information as to how common this type of injury is --- how long will it take to heal, and im pain free? Any information or details would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Ripped Achilles Tendon

Terri on 9/25/04 at 16:16 (160502)


I don't know anything other than my neighbor's experience with a torn Achille's tendon. He had to have surgery and it took about 5 months before he was walking without crutches or a cane afterwards.

I hope one of the dr's here can give you more information.