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PF -- No pain in the morning???

Posted by Elisha on 9/25/04 at 12:44 (160491)

I was diagnosed with PF 18 months ago, which has progressively gotten worse -- even through cortisone, orthotics, icing, night splints.... -- and currently I cant stand for more than 10 minutes without intense burning of the fascia. My only relief occurrs in the morning or after long periods of rest, which seems abnormal for PF sufferers. Has any one seen this before? Is it possible I need an MRI to look for other causes?

I had ESWT 2 weeks ago, and now my heels constantly burn and ESWT made it 3 times worse than before. The procedure needs 12 weeks, so im waiting. But does ESWT usually make PF worse before it makes it better? My doctor said, 'if theres one thing about shock wave therapy, it won't make it worse.' But it has...

Re: PF -- No pain in the morning???

Dr. Z on 9/25/04 at 15:05 (160494)


ESWT can and does take time. I have read on this board patients experiening increased pain before reduction in heel pain. The buring needs to be investigated. Has TTS been ruled out.? Was an ultrasound performed on your plantar fascia before the treatment?

Re: PF -- No pain in the morning???

Michelle on 9/25/04 at 15:09 (160495)

I have the same symptoms and now my doctors are looking more into possible nerve related causes. They think I might have an entrapped nerve or TTS. Ask your doc about that.

Re: PF -- No pain in the morning???

Laura W on 9/26/04 at 19:25 (160540)

I was diagnosed with PF about a month ago. Thing is I have had symptoms of it for about six years, I am currently 21. The doctor I saw thought it very hard to believe because of my age. I usually have a little pain in the morning, but resting all night helps...I can tolerate the pain for several hours at work(I've gotten really good at tolerating pain), however as the end of the day nears, I often find it difficult to stand and some days the pain shoots up into my legs making me unstable. I was told there was nothing to cure it except injections of cortisone and they didnt recommend that for someone of my age. I was told to take 12 advils a day.... 4 pills 3 times a day,which I thought was ridiculous. I have tried shoe supports, expensive shoes, elevating feet, everything I can think of. My job demands me to be on my feet all day, what else can I do?

Re: PF -- to Laura

Tina H on 9/27/04 at 10:17 (160569)

Laura- I am certainly not a doctor, I'm just responding until one of the doctors get's to you. However, In my opinion that amount of ibuprofen for an extended period of time is going to give you stomach problems. You would be better off talking to your doctor about getting an anti-inflammatory that's easier on your stomach, like Bextra.
Also getting pf at such a young age makes me think that biomechanically something is out of wack, ie, pelvic misalignment, one leg shorter than the other etc. This needs to be evaluated. There are lots of things that can be done to fight pf other than cortisone shots. Read Scott's heel pain book and try the non invasive suggestions, like power step inserts, night splints etc. Most of all sounds like you might want to get another opinion. Good Luck, Tina

Re: PF -- to Laura

Lori S. on 10/02/04 at 01:17 (160877)

I would suggest reading here, the heel pain book, etc. and seeking out another opinion. There are things besides cortisone shots to help with this. Also, if theres nothing wrong with your foot/feet biomechanics, thyroid can be linked to tendon problems as well. I hope you find some answers, and help.....