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Drew shoes ?

Posted by Kathy in Ky on 9/25/04 at 20:34 (160507)

One of my co-workers just bought a pair of Drew dress shoes that resemble the Birkenstock Annapolis style. They were priced about the same too. She doesn't have PF but does wear orthotics & seems to think these shoes will be beneficial. Does anyone have any positive or negative comments regarding Drew shoes?

Re: Drew shoes ?

Terri on 9/26/04 at 17:28 (160535)

I have a pair of Drew dress-style shoes and wear my orthotics in them. They're beige with nubuck (suede type material) outer covering. The C-Ped I deal with recommended them because they have a steel shank that limits the range of motion around the ankle, allowing movement of the foot only from the metatarsal area forward to the toes. This helps to minimize aggravation to the tarsal tunnel area.

I also own another pair of dress shoes, German-made, in black (can't remember the brand) with the same steel shank. For warmer weather and a casual look, I bought a pair of Finn Comfort sandals which I find to be much more comfortable than Birks, but pricier. My tennis shoes are New Balance, 991's.

All 3 are more comfortable than trying to wear regular shoes, even top brand names, and my orthotics fit into all but the sandals where the orthotic is pretty much built in.

Re: Drew shoes ?

Richard, C.Ped on 9/27/04 at 10:10 (160567)

I hardly carry Drew anymore. I think they are way to expensive, even for insurance coverage. Just a personal preference.

Re: Drew shoes ?

Kathy in Ky on 9/27/04 at 21:01 (160610)

Thanks for the responses. I think I'll stick with Birkenstocks.

Re: Drew shoes ?

Rose on 9/28/04 at 00:12 (160619)

I purchased a pair of Drew in the Mary Jane style. They are very good for my feet that cannot seem to wear anything but athletic shoes or birks. I was actaually able to dress up for a wedding with nice swede shoes that did not 'kill' my feet. My custom orthodics fit just fine. They have helped me a lot in getting rid of that 'frumpy feeling' when I need to dress up.