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Powersteps and straight lasts?

Posted by Dan K. on 9/26/04 at 16:17 (160527)

After having been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis of the left foot a few months ago, I ordered a pair of Powersteps. They're okay - nothing special, although definitely some improvement. My problem is that they seem to force the front of my feet to the outsides of my shoes, so that my shoes are really rubbing against my little toes. This is true with running shoes, hiking boots, whatever. Is this common? Do I need to get shoes with straight lasts? What I'm wearing now has what I guess you'd call a standard curved last. Any advice from anyone who's had the same experience would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Powersteps and straight lasts?

Dr. Z on 9/26/04 at 16:20 (160529)

Did you take out the existing padding/insert in your shoes.

Re: Powersteps and straight lasts?

Dan K. on 9/26/04 at 19:14 (160539)

Yes, absolutely. I couldn't have got my foot in otherwise!

Re: Powersteps and straight lasts?

Dr. Z on 9/26/04 at 21:11 (160544)

I would go to a shoe store and seek advice about a shoe that will fit. I have used powerstep for years in my practice. It is thin and a great fit. I believe they have a dress shoe insert that maybe better for you.

Re: Powersteps and straight lasts?

Richard, C.Ped on 9/27/04 at 10:09 (160566)

that is one of the problems with an off the shelf insert. They have ok support, but it is not the shape of your foot.

Re: Powersteps and straight lasts?

Buck T. on 10/08/04 at 14:40 (161173)

Hi Dan: Have same problem and think others do also. SAS shoes are good and Brooks Ariels. But even with these, there's little pinching of baby toes. I bought a cheap pair of shoe tree, and stretched the part that needed it in shoe. I wet leather slightly, and over a week slowly tightened the shoe tree.
Also, how you tie the shoes makes a difference. Loosen the shoe laces at bottom, and then tighten them comfortably at top.

Sincerely, Buck T.