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Posted by Crystal on 9/27/04 at 00:16 (160548)

I have PF. One doctor that I went to said that they usually don't keep you off of work for PF. My job consists of standing on concrete for 10 hours a day. I don't understand this. It is not money out of their pocket nor are they losing anything. I don't understand how they expect you to work with that much pain. Also he had told me that people had tried to sign up on disability for PF(I don't know why he said that because it wasn't brought up). I really don't get that either. If you have it so bad that you can't stand for 10 min and have tried everything to fix it how are you supposed to be able to work? Anyone have any comments or opinions on this? Has anyone had a doctor to tell them this? Is there anyone out there that has gotten disability for PF?

Re: Disability

mary on 9/27/04 at 08:49 (160553)

I was told the same thing, I felt i needed a few days off work and my doctor said he wanted me to work. He just put me on meds and splint for in the night. He said he wanted to do my usual activites. He said that if i stayed home and rested it would for sure get better and he wanted to see if the medication and splint helps.

Well the meds and splint have helped in only 3 days so far. But I am staying home for a few days any way.. it feels so good not to hurt and for a month i dragged my poor foot to work and was in pain. It is nice to have a vacation from pain. Also, I am use Birkenstocks, i read a post where someone mentioned them, and they have also helped me a lot too.

I dont know about disability for PF.

Re: Disability

april l on 9/27/04 at 09:14 (160556)

I work on my feet too and got temporary disability thru my company for 26 weeks. For the first seven weeks, my doctor said I am unable to work due to PF (the pain had gotten unbearable). After deciding to have surgery, the doctor said I was unable to work because I was recovering from the surgery. my company paid me half my wages for a maximum of 26 weeks, which I used up. So, if your company provides short term disability you should be able to get it as long as your doctor states that you are unable to perform your normal work duties.

I think SSDI is where people run into trouble getting disability. In that case, people are expected to find a job they can do. If you can't work on your feet then they expect you to find a sit down job.

Re: Disability

Karen G on 9/27/04 at 14:53 (160589)

hi crystal i have PT and am getting disabiliy living allowence.My PT is really bad, i havent worked since nov03!

Re: Disability

Kristie on 9/27/04 at 15:06 (160592)


How were you able to get disability allowence. I havn't worked since June 2003.

Re: Disability

BrianG on 9/30/04 at 21:48 (160801)

Hi Crystal,

I'm one of the few people I know of that have gotten SSD for PF. After 10 years of chronic, unrelenting pain, along with trying everthing I could think of, I finally had to leave work, and apply for SSD. I had no insurance and had to live on savings for the time it took to be approved, 6-7 months is the minimum time.

I provided very detailed information to my doctor, and kept good notes, as well as a pain diary. In the end I believe it was my doctors input that allowed me to win my case. One other thing, because it's not one of the 'recognised' injuries (SSD has a list), you really need a combination of ailments. In my case it was depression, and pain. Almost everyone who has chronic pain, has depression. If you have it, make sure your doctor is treating you for it.

Good luck, it's a long battle!

Re: Disability

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/01/04 at 15:12 (160844)

Some patients can work through PF and others cannot. There is not a hard and fast rule on this. The occupation is a factor so if you are on concrete for 10 hours per day that makes the case to get you off work more compelling. As far as the doc, I just don't know; if with an HMO, then yes, it is, indirectly, money out of his pocket to get you off work.

Definitely, get a second opinion, if possible from an independent specialist. Yes, patients do get disability for plantar fasciitis. Sometimes you need to work with a doc and possibly a disability attorney who has experience in this area.

Re: Disability

Pat on 10/02/04 at 16:53 (160902)

I sympathize with you Crystal because it's hard standing 10 hours a day whether or not you have PF- I'm not sure of your situation if you're trying to get disability (short term) through your job (very few employers have this option) or SSDI (which you can get and also make up to $700 a month doing something else) but it's a short term solution. The long term goal is that you have to try to get a different career because you're not going to be able to hold a job like the one you have forever (even in the short term with the pain you're in) - a job where you sit down and can work. The first thing I would do is apply for SSDI but the problem is you usually have to be off work to do that and it takes months - if they turn you down then you can fight them and they usually relent. One of the other posters did have a valid point about keeping excellent records because that makes a world of difference. I would also see what type of disability plan your employer offers and if you have to pay out of pocket to see a doctor who agrees with you it would be worth it. I know it stinks because all these doctor's visits drain our pocketbooks. I had a job standing up (post office) for years and when I hit my late 30's I decided if I looked at another piece of mail I would throw up so I went back and got an accounting degree and graduated when I was 39. A few years later is when the Plantar Fascitis started - now I sit on my butt and I still have it! LOL!