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sore feet AND sore hands???? weird

Posted by Linda V on 9/28/04 at 14:06 (160643)

doing the battle with PF since feb..slow progress, but getting better week to week. however, i notice the palms of my hands seem to be weak and sore..can't do my modified push ups, hurt when i am supporting my weight (140) on the hallway rails to give my feet a little break...etc.
i have heard vaguely of something with hypothyoidism and carpel tunnel (which i don't think i have or need, thank you)...but wonder if anyone else notices a sensitivity in their hands? thanks to all....

Re: sore feet AND sore hands???? weird

Kathy G on 9/29/04 at 08:52 (160678)


I've been coming to these boards for quite some time and don't remember anybody mentioning any link between hand pain and foot pain but I may have missed it. As for me, I have had Dequervains tendonitis in my left hand since 1998 and then discovered I had advanced osteoarthritis in the CMC joints in both my hands, in 2003.

Could it be, that in an effort to do exercises that your feet allow you to do, you've unconsciously been overdoing it and strained your hands? Just a thought. Hope you find out the source of the discomfort.

It ain't fun having sore feet and sore hands!

Re: sore feet AND sore hands???? weird

Roseann T on 10/10/04 at 14:10 (161243)

I was told that I have trigger finger and had shots in my hands for that. I was told that if it didn't help, I would need surgery. When I get up in the morning my feet are very sore and tender when I walk on them. I am having an a-titer blood test done to see if that will determine the cause.

thanks for responding.