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anestghetic and cortisone injections for TTS?

Posted by Rachel on 9/29/04 at 09:50 (160683)

I posted this message on the main board before I saw this one. I hope its okay to have posted on two boards.

My podiatrist wants to do an injection of an anesthetic to help diasgnose possible TTS. He also mentioned a cortisone injection.

I am only 27, am I too young to have this done? Are there any possible complications from these injections?

Thanks for your input

Re: anestghetic and cortisone injections for TTS?

Ed Davis, DPM on 10/09/04 at 10:12 (161203)

You are fairly young to have TTS. Did you have an MRI performed? The reason I would like to see an MRI is that TTS can be caused by a growth (usually benign) in the tarsal tunnel. Such growths account for about 1/3 of TTS cases but your young age raises the index of suspicion for that.

Re: anestghetic and cortisone injections for TTS?

Brocha F. on 10/10/04 at 21:36 (161265)

I am only 22 and have been diagnosed with TTs. i feel your pain (literally). I have had corisone injections. They only last a few hour - 2-3 days. and they are very painfull injections. Don't let this pursway (can't spell it lol)you not to get them but i feel the pain that it is to get it is not worth the short period of relief.

Brocha F.