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Great News!! I WAS "hopeless in S.C." not anymore!!

Posted by Angela I on 9/29/04 at 16:13 (160699)

Listen up! I have found a P.T. that specializes in natural pain elimination! Today is Wed.09/29/04. Yesterday,before going to him,I was 'hopeless'. If you read my post 'hopeless in SC' you will see all I have been through! This man is a Naturopractic! He actually eliminated 90% of pain in my right foot,by pressing on certain points in the foot and calf.He did this in one hour! I could feel IMMEDIATE relief when I got off the table. I knew that the real test would be when I got out of bed this morning.Guess what?I can walk PAIN FREE!!! I went back to him today for the left foot,after another one hour session,I again have considerable less pain. The left foot has to have one more session. He told me that he would have me pain free in 3-4 sessions! I don't know about you but this certainly beats going to 7 podiatrists,neurologists,ESWT,ETC!!! He is located in Spartanburg,S.C. He accepts most all major insurance and medicare.He does not only help feet,but any pain,anywhere in the body!!I'm not sure if I can post his name and phone # here but if you would like more info, you can email me at (email removed).
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Re: Great News!! I WAS "hopeless in S.C." not anymore!!

Pete on 9/30/04 at 06:10 (160735)

Is this to do with the release of trigger points ? If so that's very quick. Great news. tell us a bit more about what he actually did.

Re: Great News!! I WAS "hopeless in S.C." not anymore!!

Angela I on 9/30/04 at 13:16 (160769)

Well,first off, he shows you diagrams and pictures of the human skeletal & muscle systems. He explains that certain nerve,muscles etc.have affects on other parts of the body that you would never think of. For example, when you hit your elbow,you feel tingling in your fingers.Well,you didn't hit your fingers,see?He says that his gift is from God.That's fine with me because I know it works! I'm sure I will get negative feedback on this when I said 'GOD' but that's fine. Every man for himself.The left foot was alot worse than the right.When I got out of bed today,I COULD WALK!instead of crawl, there is still a few spots left,but I go back tomorrow and I will be pain free in one hour.Sounds too good to be true? That's what I thought too. My best friend who has suffered horribly from degenerative disk in her back,multiple leg surgeries,I could go on & on.She has gone today for her first visit. I will be keeping you posted.