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blood clot after plantar fasciitis release???

Posted by Mary D. on 9/30/04 at 02:22 (160731)

10 weeks post op. Had partial release of plantar fasciitis and heel spur removal (endoscopic) Still have severe swelling, and edema after sitting for more than a couple hours. Coloration is poor, red to purplish. Sent for a dopplar untrasound to rule out bloodclot, and an xray to check for heel fracture. Can the results of the ultrasound be trusted? Is there another test I should have? Doc says the foot looks like 3 weeks post op not 10. Getting scared that they misdiagnosed a possible bloodclot.

Re: blood clot after plantar fasciitis release???

Dr Ben Pearl on 9/30/04 at 07:27 (160736)

there are adjacent tests for blood clots but the doppler is a fairly routine way to diagnose this. Wait for your results before you start worrying over what might be.

Re: blood clot after plantar fasciitis release???

Dr. Z on 9/30/04 at 16:26 (160787)

I agree wait for your testing results. They usually can have the results that same day