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very bad back of the foot/heel pain

Posted by kg2288 on 9/30/04 at 09:28 (160745)

The back of my foot hurts to the touch. My foot also seems 'stiff.' Is this a 'heel spur?'

It also seems there is a pronounced growth on the back of my left foot. My right foot is fine but the left one feels like a board.

I am very active in sports. I play basketball and Ice hockey approximately 2 hours per day 3 times per week. I'm 34 years young and maybe 5-10 lbs overweight??

Please help.

Re: very bad back of the foot/heel pain

AEllis100 on 10/08/04 at 08:15 (161139)

It could be. I would make an appointment to see your doctor if I were you. I am currently having the same kind of thing and spent the past month in a cam-walker and am now doing PT hoping to find relief.