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Achilles Tendonitis

Posted by DaveSab on 9/30/04 at 13:09 (160768)

I had plantar fasciitis for 3-4 months and finally got rid of it (osteopath). I have no pain or discomfort whatsoever in the bottoms of my feet, except my achilles tendonitis is back! I don't know if this is because my ankles are simply weak because of doing no heavy exercises during the past 3-4 months or what.

Does anyone have any exercises or anything that could help me with this?


Re: Achilles Tendonitis

Kathy G on 10/01/04 at 08:59 (160820)


I have chronic Achilles Tendonitis and sometimes flares up. When it does, I use a tilt board and it seems to help a great deal. Scott shows you how you can stack up books to serve the same purpose, in his Heel Pain Book. My husband made me a tilt board and he customized it to just the right angle that felt right to me. You don't want to stretch it too much, just gently.

I also find that one of Julie's Yoga Stretches, all of which I do daily helps a great deal. The one I find helps my AT the best is the Ankle Bending. I do that so many times a day without even thinking, it's unbelievable, like when I'm on the computer, when I'm talking on the phone, when I'm watching TV, when I'm riding in a car. My friends and family don't even comment on it anymore! I think it really helps keep the Achilles Tendonitis in check.

Good luck and congratulations on your recovery!

Re: Achilles Tendonitis

Richard, C.Ped on 10/01/04 at 10:09 (160824)

I would look into getting a heel lift. That would reduce strain on the tendon. If this is done, use a lift in both shoes. You do not want to make one leg shorter than the other.

Re: Achilles Tendonitis

Mike W on 10/02/04 at 09:07 (160885)

Hello Dave,

If you are looking for effective AT exercises you should check out my website http://www.foottrainer.com .

The common problems with traditional AT exercises is that they are performed in a weight bearing position, and are not performed before the first step of the day. Muscles should always be relaxed prior to a stretch which is not possible for any standing AT stretch. When you sleep the circulation in your lower leg muscles is low so when you step out of bed you may be reinjuring them every day.

Tight Calf muscles can be a contributing factor of PF so you are wise to address this problem.

I hope this info helps you.


Mike W