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ESTW 9/29

Posted by Lori S. on 10/02/04 at 00:59 (160875)

I had ESTW on wednesday. It wasnt bad, so far I am not even taking anything for pain. It was done with the Dornier Epos, w/ nerve blocks. I was nervous, But the nerve blocks werent bad..... much easier than cortisone shots. Today is friday, and I am doing well. I am glad I made the decision to have this done, even though I paid a chunk of $, because insurance so far has denied it. Some facts about my PF..... the bone spurs on my heels.. are around 1 inch long ( yes the doc was amazed).... my right foot plantar fascia is 6.5 and left is 7.1,,,,, I have tried everything.... and the pain was so bad the month before ESTW.. I was having Una boots put on every few days....... so.. for now. I am feeling better than I have in two years. And this may be the calm before the storm, But it was worth it, to try, because I dont want my feet cut open.
I will let people know how its going every so often. Praying this is the answer... But.. I do know if.... i show any improvement. It is better than what I have had so far. I would and will do it again, if necessary.