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Posted by Jim S on 10/02/04 at 03:24 (160879)

Folks, You can make your own orthotics that are far more effective than any custom-made device. Who knows your feet better than yourself. Get some double-face tape and some soft leather (like from a leather coat). Cut the leather to any shape according to your needs. Mostly to support your arch. Use your imagination, feather the edges, etc. Use the double-face tape and add as many layers of leather as you feel is necessary putting a layer of double-face tape between each layer of leather. Apply the leather build up to the removable insoles that came with your shoes. You can always make adjustments. Adding or subtracting or moving. I have found my feet change as time goes by and a non-adjustable orthotic just doesn't make sense to me.

Re: Orthotics

BLT on 10/02/04 at 20:13 (160908)

'Folks, You can make your own orthotics that are far more effective than any custom-made device.'

So everyone that went to school to be a Pod, Orthotist, CPed, therapist didnt learn anything more about the foot that the person wlking on them? I guess I know my own teeth more than any dentist, maybe I will go out in the garage and do some fillings on myself

That is nice you make your own orthotics, but telling people to cobble them together themselves because they know their own feet better is just plain poor advice

Re: Orthotics

Dorothy on 10/02/04 at 22:02 (160913)

Maybe about five years ago or so, there was a guy in Michigan who decided to do his own dental work. He had been to a dentist who caused him a number of problems so he took matters into his own hands. He went 'out in the garage' as you said and began making his own fillings, his own bridges and so on. I don't remember all the details except it was bizarre and amazing at the same time. I vaguely recall that some of his techniques involved using rocks that were plentiful in his yard! He made appearances on David Letterman and other TV programs at the time.
Please understand, I am not advocating this, nor advocating that anyone make any kind of homemade medical prosthetic devices. Just thought I'd chime in on the dental point you made. My point is not pertinent, nor particularly relevant, but mildly entertaining, perhaps.

Re: Orthotics

BLT on 10/03/04 at 08:41 (160919)

I recall that I wonder how he sterilized his devices. He said he used small pea gravel I imagine the color variances mad a dandy smile