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Just had surgery for PF

Posted by Margie W on 10/03/04 at 11:04 (160922)

I had cronic pain in my left foot. I tried cortisone shots, physical therapy, and orthotics. This helped ease the pain on a temorary basis.
After over a year of pain I decided with the help of my doctor and family to have the surgery.(10/1/2004)
The worst part so far is the crutches and I hate sitting around the house. I look forward to getting off the crutches and taking my first step on my foot.
I only took the pain medication on the first day. Right now I am only taking bextra for the swelling.
I keep my foot iced and elevated and am feeling very little pain. I hope I made the right decision. Time will tell.
Does anyone have any suggestions on the arm pain?

Re: Just had surgery for PF Where's the pain?

BudP on 10/05/04 at 07:56 (160989)

When you say arm pain,do you mean arm pit or bicep. If the pain is in the arm pit chances are the crutches are set too high,if other parts of the arm are hurting it's probably caused from not using those muscles. The pain shpuld go away. I've been on crutches many times in my life. I've always been told that they should not touch the arm pit. That's the best I have to offer. I'm sure others will have help for you. What type of PF surgery did you have?


Re: Just had surgery for PF Where's the pain?

Margie W on 10/25/04 at 15:12 (162121)

Pain was in the armpits. Its not gone. Now I have callous on my hands. I had removal of swollen tissue and heel spur. I had the sutures removed last Tues and am putting pressure on the foot. My foot is sore in the arch and heel area. I am feeling pretty good. I want to burn the crutches in fire place soon..