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Aeroic or exercise able to do

Posted by lisa71 on 10/03/04 at 15:46 (160938)

I have been unable to exercise regurely for about four months. At this point I am unsure of when my PF will get better so I need to find some sort of exercise that I can do other than swimming as I do ont have acess to a pool. That is the only type of exercise I have heard of people with PF doing.

Biking- IF I did this would it make sense to put the pressure of my feet on the middle\, front, or heel? Or would it matter? Could it possibly allieve the
pressure on the injured area if I placed the foot on a different area of the pedal.

And should gettting up my heartrate perhaps help heal the injury to a certain extent? that would make sense to me.

Thanks alot.

Re: Aeroic or exercise able to do

Tina H on 10/04/04 at 06:58 (160949)

Hi Lisa- I can only tell you what I've experienced with biking, although I think you just have to try it. Initially, just after having ESWT I could only do the upright stationary bike every other day, but now 9 weeks post I do it about 5 times/week for 45 minutes, tension set on 6 (scale 1-10) and I do arm weights at the same time to really get my heartrate up there. (I manage to get to 150-155). I live in Pittsburgh, and riding outside has been less successful, because getting up the big hills seems to put too much pressure on my arch. Just try it, we need to exercise!:)

Re: Aeroic or exercise able to do

Linda V on 10/04/04 at 07:49 (160950)

I can get my heart rate up pretty high with some floor exercises...like opposite elbow to knees, biking movements, etc...and there are places that have 'chair' aerobics. I have a pilates vhs tape that is helping me stay fit..all mat work, but it can be quite a workout. As for a pool, some hotels have programs that let you use their pool (hardly anyone is ever in pool hotels) more reasonable than health clubs. Good luck. I know its hard---but don't push yourself, or you could risk tripling the time it takes your injury to heal. Its 8 months for me, but I think I am turning the corner.

Re: Aeroic or exercise able to do

Tina H on 10/04/04 at 11:20 (160954)

Linda, thanks for those suggestions. I never thought of pilates as being just floor exercises. I was doing yoga until the pf started and just thought pilates involved a lot of standing like yoga. Which tape do you have? Thanks, Tina

Re: Aeroic or exercise able to do

Rose on 10/04/04 at 11:49 (160955)

I do a water aerobics class five times a week and stay in the deep water where I cannot reach. Therefore I am treading water a long time and my heart rate gets very hgh and it is very aerobic plys no stress at all on my feet. I started just able to tread maybe 5 minutes and now I can do over a half hour without even thinking about it, so it has gretly increased my fitness level.

Re: Aeroic or exercise able to do

Linda V on 10/04/04 at 11:59 (160957)

There are so many types of pilates to choose from. But all i have in a vhs...so i couldn't find much of selection. i ended up getting Pilates For Dummies. What i really want is a 4 tape set (or dvd if i ever get one) by winsor pilates. people on this board have done this one and say its great. and yes, its all floor work..strengthening, lengthening, and improving breathing. have been bidding on more tapes on e-bay, but keep getting outbid!

Re: Aeroic or exercise able to do

Cyndi on 10/04/04 at 14:20 (160961)

I also got a couple of tapes from the library and just used the upper body movements. I have gained 20 lbs since February and half to do something. AOL has a very good exercise program or you may do a Google search for some examples. The first one just involves sitting with your hands clasp out, arms stretched, in front of you and twist to the right and left for 8 minutes. I can do that at the computer even. LOL :-)

Re: Aeroic or exercise able to do

francesc on 10/04/04 at 22:55 (160984)

hi lisa,

i have had PF for nearly 2 years now and i'm finally on the mend. i believe that aerobic exercise (getting your heartrate up) was a definite plus in helping relieve the swelling in the plantar area. plus, it helped me 'feel' better!

i have been luckier than most on this board and am able to afford a gym membership. so i take Spinning classes quite regularly. i bought some inexpensive cycling shoes to use with the bikes so that i wouldn't have to put my sneakers in the 'cage' of the pedal and i believe that helped a lot because the shoes are very stiff soled. the cleats are moveable so you can move them up more towards the ball of foot or more towards the arch. up to you depending on your comfort level.

the second thing that i found earlier this year is that a rowing machine, called an ERG (stands for something but i forgot what), gives me a really excellent workout putting less pressure on the feet than the cycling! and if done properly, it's a fantastic aerobic exercise. i also believe that the flexing of the foot while rowing somehow helped me, too. because since i took it up and started wearing the SDO's i have made significant improvement.

i know that a gym membership is quite a luxury for most people but i figure, it's cheaper than getting surgery! and more worth it in the long run.

best of luck to you!


Re: Aeroic or exercise able to do

RACHAEL T. on 10/05/04 at 11:24 (160998)

Tina - who is your dr. in Pgh? I live near Pgh. too. Just wondering also did your orthotics as well? Fill me in.

Re: Aeroic or exercise able to do

Rose on 10/05/04 at 11:50 (161004)

One additional comment. I do my classs through adult school. All are free except for the swimming which is ten dollars a semester....a great price. There are a variety of classes like chair yoga, beginning pilates, stretching, chair aerobics and the list goes on...all great activities for all of us with the sore feet.