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Help with orthotics??

Posted by dud on 10/05/04 at 09:34 (160995)

I am a 30 year old male diagnosed with PF 2 years ago. Prior to then, I was very active, being a long distance runner and competing in numberous sports (basketball, golf,). Since then, I have had ESWT on both feet and the heel pain is better (not completely gone) but I cannot find an orthotic which feels good in any shoe.

In my dress shoes, and tennis shoes, I wear a hard green graphite custom orthotic from NW LABS. It feels just OK.but really hurts my arches when walking on concrete..also it is only half as long as my foot and I constantly feel it where it ends on the bottom of my forefoot.

My POD recently had me step in a shoe box full of mushy plastic and made another custom orthotic. It is from the Rocky Mountain Labs (I think) and is a full length soft orthotic but it felt wierd the minute I placed it in my foot and haven't worn it since.

Does anyone have any ideas?? I am going to see my POD today and see a new POD tomorrow. I have very high arches. It is very frustrating..for 28 years I never had any pain with my feet and never wore any orthotics and now I have to? If I have to keep wearing them, I need to find a pair that feel good..

Re: Help with orthotics??

Richard, C.Ped on 10/06/04 at 12:44 (161054)

I think this is the beauty of using EVA. Even if I make graphite or poly prop orthotics, I always add EVA on the bottom. This allows me to taylor the orthosis to the shoes. It allows the orthosis to sit flat inside the shoe for the perfect fit. If we can fit it to the athletic shoe, it will go in most other shoes.

Re: Question for Richard C.Ped?

dud on 10/07/04 at 13:18 (161104)

Do you happen to know or coul recommend any good C. Peds in Oklahoma. I have a feeling that my chronic foot pain has been sustained because of improper orthotics. The hard green orthotics from the NW Lab made out of SUPERGLASS cost a fortune but they are miserable on my feet. The $30.00 pair of Powersteps I recently bought feel better. I have never seen a C. PED about my condition. Can they take my custom orthotic and manipulate it to feel better or create a brand new one from scratch??

Re: Question for Richard C.Ped?

Richard, C.Ped on 10/07/04 at 13:51 (161106)

I don't know any C.Peds in OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOklahoma (haha...sorry, couldn't resist)

I think a C.Ped could easily manipulate the orthosis, only by prescription though. I have had people come to me for these things, and all I did was call the doctor and let them know what I had in mind to do. A new one could be done as well. Do check the insurance to see if they will cover. If you are not given a straight answer by the insurance company,please let me know.

If this link works, it should show all the C.Peds in Oklahoma.

Re: Question for Richard C.Ped?

Richard, C.Ped on 10/07/04 at 13:54 (161108)

The link did not work when I tried it. Here is another one just in case you can not either.

Re: One more question for Richard, C. PED please!!

dud on 10/12/04 at 15:26 (161348)

I have extremely high arches. My POD recently made orthotics for me that are full foot length (from the Rocky Mountain Orthotic Lab). (The actual orthotic is only half as long as my foot but he put a cushion foot pad on the bottom).

However..it feels like the arches on the orthotics are too high. It feels like my arches are resting on a beachball (exaggeration). If the arch is too high will it cause me to walk on the outside of my foot - because that is what it feels like. The orthotic seems to be worn on the outside edge.

This may be a dumb question..but since I have such high arches, do I really need an orthotic? Or would a good heel pad alone work?? I am going to see my POD on Thursday. What kind of questions should I ask him.


Re: One more question for Richard, C. PED please!!

Richard, C.Ped on 10/12/04 at 16:23 (161353)

Orthotics are great for high arches. That type of foot is usually rigid, so the orthosis should not be rigid, but cushion. I am a little confused about how the orthosis was made. So it was made as a 3/4 orthosis, but more cushion was added? Since the foot is already being pushed laterally, you do not want to push it further.

If you need adjustment, I have a bad feeling that he may send it back to the lab. I cringe at that because that lab can not see you wearing the orthotics. Then you will have to wait again to get them back. The doc may have the ability to adjust the orthosis in his office, which would be good.

If you need the arch lowered or adjusted, you may want to be brave and ask the doc for a prescription and go to a c.ped. They may be able to adjust the orthosis on the spot.

Hope that helps. Ask away if you need more info.

Re: One more question for Richard, C. PED please!!

dud on 10/12/04 at 16:42 (161358)

Richard...THanks for your help. He made the orthotic by asking me to step in a shoe box full of mushy foam like material - He did NOT cast my foot. I assume he then sent it off to the LAB in CO.

The best way to describe the orthotic would be this..imagine a full length tennis shoe insert on top. The thin orthotic is immediately below this material - from the heel to about 3/4 of the way down to my toes. Then under the orthotic is this really hard foam material which is about 1/2 inch thick.

The arches feel too high. I seem to be walking on the outside of my feet. I am actually going back to a different POD - one who did not make the orthotic. I am frustrated and done with my old one. I will ask him about going to see a C. PED.

I am curious though..you tell me to be brave and ask for a prescription. Is their animosity between PODs and C. PEDs?

Re: One more question for Richard, C. PED please!!

dud on 10/12/04 at 16:56 (161362)

Some more info about my orthotic..I took it from the Rocky Mountain Orthotic Web page...

'Hangtime - Application/Therapy: Semi-rigid control and high shock dissipation. Works well for court type sports, allowing for the management of biomechanical problems while minimizing further damage and stress from over-use injuries.

Materials: Computer milled polypro shell with EVA midsole and R-lite cover to the end of the toes.'

Re: One more question for Richard, C. PED please!!

Richard, C.Ped on 10/14/04 at 13:31 (161508)

POD's around here look at us as competition. I know that they usually get $400 and up for a pair of orthotics. No way they are going to miss out on that. The orthosis usually takes up to two weeks to get back to the patient (that goes for adjustments too) where we mostly have them ready the next day (same day if real urgent).

The above is in no way a slam on the doc here. I have personally met Dr. Z and he is a way cool guy. Ed seems cool as well, although I have not had the pleasure of meeting him...yet.

If you stood in the foam box, that is mistake #1. Never, ever, ever stand to take an impression.

Yours is made using polyprop, a hard plastic material. I would have made it with more cushion for your foot type, but what do I know...lol.

Re: Why should you NEVER stand to take an impression?

JCooper on 10/17/04 at 06:11 (161671)

I am currently experimenting with different orthotics. I have some that I heated, placed in my shoes, and stood with my feet hip-width apart and toes facing straight forward to mold them.

Then I saw Richard's post to never ever stand to take an impression...why? How do I mold my custom inserts?