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Linda V.

Posted by RACHAEL T. on 10/05/04 at 11:35 (161000)

In ans. to your question - my feet: Well, they mostly have good days & even my bad days aren't like they once were - thank goodness! I have had pf since 2001 - & I've done all the conserv. measures & orthotics including ESWT & SDOs. I have found the SDOs helpful & yet - I long for a more conventional orth that is good for my horseback riding & barnwork. Yes, I do ride now - but not 10 horses daily as I once did...now, I ride every other day 1 horse! I wear Birks alot ALOT! & I think they have been my salvation through the past 3 years saving many days for me!! When I get sore now - it appears more to be located in my metatarsals & toes. I haven't had heelpain for a couple of months - no arch pain either. I do ibup only a few days out of each month when I flare up a bit. That is enough + rest + ice to tone it down. I wish I could be 100% like I used to be - but I am not that -- but I am NOT what I used to be in 2001 either when I was zero zero zero percent!!! So, I'm a partial success & if I weren't so active in the barn - I'd probably be better than I am presently.

Re: Linda V.

Linda V on 10/05/04 at 17:06 (161022)

hi rachael,
i guess we are about at the same stage. i look for progress week to week...and it still is teeny-tiny, but at least its PROGRESS that i am so thankful for. i will NEVER again take my feet for granted. i don't ride, but my youngest daughter LOVES horses, and i am hoping she will relocate with us to an area of florida where there are tons of horses. i know she will be happier, and hence, so will i. i tried birks once in a store and wasn't comfortable with them, but i was really in a very inflammed stage and should try it again. mostly i wear my new balance with superfeet and keep my orthotics in slippers for few hours a day.
i am going to start a post asking people who recovered and THEN had a reoccurrence a year or so later IF they continued wearing their shoe-stuff and doing stretching. because, once i lick this (AND I WILL) i will do whatever it takes NOT to see PF again. keep in touch!