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Need info on Bunion surgery

Posted by Peggy on 10/05/04 at 16:32 (161017)

I am thinking of bunion surgery but after reading results here it's scary. I have bunions on both feet, and the right one has a tailors bunion as well. The right one has been bothering me because of the tailors bunion, therefore can't fit into last years Dansko's however sandals are fine. Can't continue to wear sandals much longer.

Also if anyone has had the surgery did you go to a podiatrist or ortho surgeon. And what kind of bunionectomy did you have? My podiatrist said his office does 300 a year with good results. I just got and x-ray and will take it from there. If anyone knows an excellent podiatrist or ortho in NYC I would love to get a second opinion. Does anyone know if the bunion night splints work at all?