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heel pain

Posted by judyh on 10/05/04 at 20:10 (161031)

My husband is complaining of heel pain. He did go see a dr. but he just said yes it sounds like a heel spur. He told him to buy some supports and take it easy. I was wondering if this problem could be a sign of MS? We have had a scare with MS when he had swelling of the optic nerve.

Re: heel pain

Terri on 10/05/04 at 20:37 (161032)

Judy, has your husband had an MRI to check for p.f. or one to look for brain lesions associated with MS? My ex has MS and all his pain is in his feet although he's severely affected everywhere. Many people think MS is a painless disease, they are sooo wrong!

Re: heel pain

judyh on 10/06/04 at 16:44 (161063)

He has 2 MRI to check for MS and both have been negative. We both just are so scared about MS. He has pain in his elbow and now in his foot.