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hearing sounds

Posted by mikeandraf on 10/05/04 at 22:29 (161037)

When I touch the skin in the area just above my right knee I hear what sounds like water in my right inner ear. The only condition that I have is Plantar Fasciitis in my right heel from playing racquetball 2-3 times / week. Could these nerve pathways have gotten crossed somehow? Do you know if it is possible for the nerve associated with my right leg to affect the auditory nerve associated with the right ear?

I have had this gurgling low groan popping sound in my right ear all day and thought that some water was in my ear (like when diving).... while lying on the couch and not moving at all while watching tv I happened to brush my hand against my rt leg and, voila, heard the ear noise. very bizarre to be sure. Every time that anything touches this small 6-8 inch circular area above the knee I hear the noise. Just my pants brushing against my knee area was causing this ear noise all day.

I am 5'9' 45 yo 166 lbs no health issues of any kind. no meds. no smoking. excellent health. I have taken no meds at all, as I want to see if this condition persists or resolves.

Re: hearing sounds

Amber M. on 10/06/04 at 22:57 (161088)

Wow, that sounds really bizarre. You know a good friend of mine was sitting at work one day & said to all of us that she could hear her heart beating in her head, well she went to the Dr. & they found a brain tumor. She is alive and well today because she did not waste anytime in getting a Dr's opinion of her 'sound' she was hearing. You will get relief once you find out the cause. I do wish you the best on this.

Re: hearing sounds

mikeandraf on 10/07/04 at 22:56 (161125)

Thanks for wellwishes.... the sound dissipated at 11pm that same night and has yet to return... My hope is that the nerves involved with my plantar fasciitis somehow triggered the noise in the ear... tres bizarre to be sure. Maybe a CT scan is in order.. mike