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Linda V.

Posted by RACHAEL T. on 10/05/04 at 22:37 (161038)

When did your pf start? In the beginning - & for a long time afterward, I could hear ripping & shearing from the sole of my foot - I had pf really bad at that time. So, yes, I agree w/ you -- Once I get thru this, I will try not to let it happen again. Sometimes, though, when I have had a really 'well' spell, I do tend to overdo it - & then, I ask myself why? But, it just feels so good when we do feel good - right? Where do you live now & when are you relocating in Fla? I am in Pa. - but have spent the last 3 winters in Fla. I think my Fla. time has supported the healing in my feet - away from the cold weather & also - more exercise thru those months. Stay in touch.

Re: Linda V.

Linda V on 10/06/04 at 14:44 (161058)

i don't want to clog this docs site with out chit-chat, so email me back on the social support page, ok? we are relocating to wellington, florida. its near west palm beach. we are both new englanders, now living in new hampshire. the winters are just too, too much for us. stay in touch!