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Avoiding Recurrent PF problems..questions about this

Posted by Linda V on 10/07/04 at 17:38 (161114)

I have noticed that some folks write in to say they were fine for a year or so..and then the dreaded PF came back. My question is...while these folks were 'cured' or 'in remission'...did they continue to wear orthotics, do proper stretching, icing as needed, wear good shoes, not push themselves to physical limits with lots of running? I am on the mend now...and will do whatever is possible to NEVER have this again. My C-Ped and POD told me that once I am in an orthotic..its for the rest of my life. Do you find this to be true? Thanks...

Re: Avoiding Recurrent PF problems..questions about this

Pat on 10/07/04 at 18:30 (161119)

I had an episode last year and after PT, icing, stretching, etc. and finally a cortisone shot and orthodics things were o.k. for a year. I don't push myself to any physical limits - I'm not a runner - I'm lucky I can walk! LOL! And I did wear good shoes and wear my orthodics all the time and it still came back. Everyone is different but I am not looking at a second surgery for this (my first was a nightmare 10 years ago). You may be fine but I would tend to think that after the PF goes away people don't ice and stretch and all that (some do but I think a majority don't) becaus the pain isn't there

Re: Avoiding Recurrent PF problems..questions about this

Kathy G on 10/08/04 at 09:56 (161153)


My thirty-year-old son is a tennis pro and he got PF about two years ago and his was a text-book case, if there is such a thing. One of the smartest things he did was to go to a Pod the minute he got symptoms because he didn't want to end up like his dear old mom.

I just asked him last week if he still ices. He says he doesn't ice anymore but he does wear his custom orthotics in his tennis shoes at work. The rest of the time, he wears Power Steps. He sometimes gets a twinge but so far, knock wood, it's not been much of a problem. For a while, he did Julie's yoga stretches daily and he still uses a device Scott sells which my husband already had. He keeps it at work. I'll check what it is and post below. If I try to find it by using the back keys, I'll lose my message. There's a way to do it but I always mess it up! Oh, and a club member brought in a tilt board. I don't know if he uses that at work anymore.

He still fishes and surfs and is very active.

So, I guess my answer, based on him, is that he's dilligent about responding to any twinges he has, will always wear orthotics, but by and large, his life is back to the way it was pre-PF!

Nifty! I've got to sign off for a bit. I went to my sister's house yesterday and fixed her computer and she just sent me flowers! They're beautiful! Wasn't that nice of her?

Re: Avoiding Recurrent PF problems..questions about this

Kathy G on 10/08/04 at 10:29 (161156)

Okay, I'm back. The flowers are beautiful! Now I'll have to have her come over and arrange them. She's very gifted and artistic. So is my other sister. I figure they got all the artistic genes in the family and there were none for me! :)

The product that Scott sells that my son keeps at the club is the ProStetch. He said that when he got PF and people saw him icing his feet, he was amazed at the number who knew he had PF because they, too, were battling it or had had it. He calls them closet-PFers! Seems that many of them use his ProStretch on a regular basis. One word of warning on it; it wrecks your shoes so you should wear old shoes when you use it.

So there's my success story on PF, although it's really my son's and not mine at all. Oh, and he never had a cortisone shot or ESWT but he did take Vioxx for a short time. He didn't think it helped so he stopped. And a member of the club had ESWT and couldn't say enough good about it.

And (you can tell my mind is rambling. I'm not on drugs or anything, just my normal state), he says that when he goes up on his toes to return a serve, he sometimes feels twinges. Since he doesn't play competitively, he avoids that motion as much as possible. I like his sense of self-preservation!